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  2020-01-13 09:53:38

Training Courses in Britain

  2018-12-23 10:19:22

The Arabic Section at the British Academy for Training and Development (BATD) is responsible for providing courses and training courses in various disciplines such as administration, business administration, accounting, finance, risk management, strategies, media, public relations, languages, gas, petroleum, public health, emergency and other specialties. The Academy has a long history of working and working with various governments and government institutions in the Middle East. The Academy...

What is the Marketing?

  2018-10-24 11:32:03

Marketing Marketing is one of the most important administrative sciences in all countries and economic fields. Marketing activities have witnessed many notable developments over the years, and the marketing function has become a means of ensuring that businesses achieve career success and sustainability in the business environment. To be used in the market; a range of advertising and promotion methods and methods should be used; thus contributing to the delivery of enterprise products and...