Academy Services

Programs Provided by the Academy

  • Short-term training courses (from 10-20 training hours).
  • Short-term Professional Diploma (25- 40 training hours).
  • Short-term Professional Master’s (45- 220 training hours).
Other Services Provided by the Academy
  1. Field training programs inside high-experienced companies and institutions  presented  insider training labs.
  2. Providing specialized consultation and  solutions for companies and institutions through specialized teams.
  3. Exchange programs in order to transmit experience among governmental and non-governmental institutions from Europe to the remaining countries of the world.
  4. Providing training for employees inside institutions, companies and ministries inside their workplaces or proposed near places in order to reduce costs borne by companies, thus achieving practical accomplishments such as plans, programs or networks during the training period by the help of the expert/ trainer.
  5. Holding annual conferences in management, business administration, media, public relations, information technology, public health and other specializations.
  6. Organizing workshops and international seminars held with international experts. It also provides experience transfer programs among companies and institutions.

The Academy provides training courses categories in the following fields

  • Modern Leadership and Effective Ǫuality Management.
  • Ǫuality Management and Responsible Leadership.
  • Contracts Management and Dispute Settlement. Human Resources.
  • Management Media Skills. Procurement, Logistics and Supply.
  • Management and Public Sector Institutions. Hospitals and Health Centers.
  • Management Types and Crisis Management.
  • Sales, Marketing, E-Marketing and Customer Service. Banking.
  • Media, Public Relations, Television Photography & Montage.
  • New Media and Institution Goodwill Management.
  • Design, Programming and Website Development.
  • Etiquette, Diplomacy and Modern Politics.
  • Telecommunications and  Mobile  Phone.
  • Modern Information Technology and Computer.
  • Accounting, Finance and Economy.
  • Health, Safety and First Aid.
  • Languages: such as English, Spanish, French and German.
  • Laws and Regulations.
  • Oil&Gas, Power and Energy.
  • Power and Clean Energy.
  • Counter Terrorism and Security.
  • Lobbying and Public Affairs.
  • Governments and Public Sector.
  • Hospitality, Hotel Management, Culinary, Making and Decorating Desserts.