Outstanding performance and diplomacy in exhibitions management


With a time when competition increased due to global openness and globalization, it became necessary to raise the competitiveness of companies by increasing the services provided to the customer, which led to the need to reach a high level of customer service to outpace competitors and to preserve the company's clients and not lose them.
In light of what the reality indicates that the current job market is a market directed at customer service on an ongoing basis, many institutions are increasingly dependent on the workforce in the field of customer service, especially in exhibitions, to achieve business growth. Moreover, effective customer service is the foundation of the service sector, which is continuously growing. Employers are also increasingly looking for individuals with the specialized skills to serve clients in an efficient and effective manner.

Objectives and target group

Providing the participants with new capabilities and activating the capabilities effectively through:
  • Enabling participants to plan and organize event management. Enabling the participants to effectively prepare for the meeting sessions, such as committees, seminars and conferences
  • Receive official guests and visiting delegations.
  • Understand the functions and role of customer service in contributing to the success of event management.
  • Learn the concepts and principles of customer service, customer environments and the different categories of work and problem solving
  • Achieve outstanding performance in customer service, customer care and diplomacy in performance
Target group:
  • Exhibition and conference managers.
  • Designers and executives of exhibitions and conferences.
  • All employees, especially those directly or indirectly related to providing services to customers of all kinds.
  • Those wishing to obtain a job in the field of customer service and who have basic skills in this field

Course Content

  • Customer Service (its concept - characteristics - stages)
  • Concepts and standards of excellence in customer service
  • Qualities of an outstanding customer service man
  • Effective communication skills with clients
  • Elements of effective communication and how to activate them to provide a distinguished service.
  • Customer care elements and methods
  • Causes and factors affecting the low level of service
  • Understand the importance of customer service in a competitive environment.
  • Converting employee service weaknesses into customer strengths
  • What should the Customer Service Officer avoid to provide excellent service?
  • The Ten Commandments for customer service and maintenance
  • The main facts that govern client affiliation with the institution
  • Effective dealing with clients of different styles and categories
  • Skills of speaking, communication, observation and traceability
  • Elements and keys to effective and fruitful dialogue and discussion.
  • Behavior patterns of clients and the way to deal with each pattern
  • Customer behavior, patterns, objections, and methods of dealing with them
  • Methods to withstand and manage stress, tension and pain
  • Practicing techniques and techniques for managing customer expectations.
  • Learn about recovery strategies from major setbacks in dealing with clients, and restore their satisfaction.
  • Thinking, creativity, persuasion and agreement skills
  • Creative ways to analyze customer complaints and complaints
  • Persuasion and contact with others.
  • Persuasive intelligence
  • The handshake.
  • Introduction and acquaintance.
  • Talking to others (gross errors in speech), and speaking in a foreign language.
  • The culture of listening and its importance for ceremony workers (gain good listening skills).
  • Official invitation card protocol
  • A protocol for preparing an important visit program
  • Applied workshop.

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