Course in Significance of Implementing International Trade Processes


The significance of the international trade and the international trade exchange stems from several principles, the most prominent of which are the scarcity of all resources and the allocation for each state. As there is no specific state has the whole recourses with an adequate amount and surplus, with the aim of producing all products, commodities and services for meeting the citizens' needs.
 And if it's supposed that they are provided by this state in reality, we will find that the allocation and the trade exchange will lead to the increased welfare of people. As is the case in the Gulf States, which possess the capital, but lack the qualified human resources and the proper techniques of the air natural conditions, leading to the reduction of agricultural abundance. Meanwhile, if we have a look to such a state of Japan, we will find that it possesses the necessary qualified human resources, yet, it lacks capital and petrol. Therefore, these examples drive us to the principle of allocation in the international trade, which means that every state focuses and allocates its products for producing industry or agriculture, and in return, it exchanges the required commodity with another state.

The British Academy for Training and Development provides a course in the significance of implementing the international trade processes. And that's for every person has the willing to develop his concept about the international trade.

Objectives and target group

Target Audience of the Course in Significance of Implementing International Trade Processes

 - Those who are intending to work in import and export.
- Students of Schools and Business Institutes.
- Students of Schools and Institutes of Business Management.
- Those who are interested in the e-commerce.
- The investors, the offices owners, and the capital owners.

How will the Participants benefit from attending the Course in Significance of Implementing International Trade Processes?  

Following the completion of the program, the participants will be capable of understanding the following key points:
  - The significance of international trade as for being a vital source of international relations among the states.
- The high significance of international trade in linking between the states and societies.
- The most prominent outlets of discharging production surpluses in the local markets.
- The role of international trade for being among the substantial indicators since it measures the state capacity in the world trade market and all its productive potentials, in addition to its ability to import and export.
-  The significance of international trade processes in the entry level within the international trade processes, along with the extent to which it affected the state's balance of hard currency flow and the impact on the public treasury and its trade balance. 

Course Content

Scientific Content of the Course:
- Objectives in the international trade operations.
- Foundations and principles related to the international trade.
- Practical steps for the international trade.
- Mechanisms and factors affecting the international trade.
- Constituents and constraints limiting the international trade operations.
- Assessment and development in the forms of international trade.

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