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Course of basic tools and trading strategies for international markets


We can say that international trade is due to the expansion of economic exchanges in the societies, which resulted from the expansion of the geographical, economic area, where the commercial markets are no longer within one region, but include many geographical areas to carry out commodity and service exchanges directly between different countries and regions, accordingly, we believe that international trade has a special nature, which differs from the nature of internal trade in a single country, which results in theoretical and practical treatments that have resulted from the accumulation of applied economic theories, which contributed to the growing status of trade and the financial aspects of international trade have implications for the economies of different countries and have implications for the national income of all countries that participate in international trade, as well as have special effects on the balance of payments of these countries, therefore, it was necessary to address the concepts and foundations related to national income and its components and the aspects that affect them and address the principles and concepts related to balance of payments.

Objectives and target group

Targets and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers a course of basic tools and trading strategies for the international markets, so anyone who wants to know the basic tools and trading strategies of international markets.

Target group of attendance course basic tools and training strategies for international markets:

  • Appetizers to work in import and export.
  • College and commercial institutes students.
  • Colleges and business administration institutes students.
  • Interested in eـ
  • Investors, office owners and venture capitalists.

How participants will benefit from attending the basic tools and trading strategies course for international markets:

At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • Ways of transferring funds, individuals, goods and ideas across borders.
  • Types of companies in international markets.
  • Strategies in international business management and a modern international approach to world trade.
  • The importance and prominence of international business in commercial, social and political activities.

Course Content


Academic content of the course:

  • Managing and organizing international trade operations [local and international].
  • Managing and organizing free trade markets.
  • Managing and organizing foreign trade patterns.
  • Aspects related to international trade.
  • Financial aspects of international trade activities.
  • Basic tools in the international trade market.

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Course Cost

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£3200 / Member

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£2560 / Member

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£2080 / Member

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