Effective Hotel and Tourism Management Methods


The British Academy for Training and Development presents this training course in (Successful Hotel and Tourism Management Methods) to all professionals wishing to know the latest and most advanced updates and developments on international methods of hotel management, according to the certified experts from international hotels.

Successive developments in the field of tourism and hotel services have highlighted exceptional activities in the pursuit to raise efficiency of competitive performance, as new management concepts have emerged and contributed to the overall development and improvement of such hospitality capabilities, concepts such as Increasing Flexibility, Product Diversification and Optimal Investment of the highest possible quality compared with other competitors in the market. To achieve these results, diversity was highly required in hotel services and features, to satisfy all tastes, and to work as one of the important tourist attractions, besides optimization of Human Resources and competencies, Encouraging Creativity, and supporting R&D efforts to improve quality and diversification of services.

The main objective of the course is to transfer a globally successful and internationally recognized experience in Hotel Management to all trainees from this sector, as Hotel Management has become recently an established science taught in great universities, and in the same context the British Academy is working to improve the skills of all professionals wishing to excel in their Hotel Supervisory careers, to realize extraordinary achievements and advanced levels of client satisfaction.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development presents this course for the following audience:

  • Managers and owners of tourism hotels and facilities.
  • Hotel & Tourism Project Directors and Senior Managers.
  • All Hotel Administrative Staff & Personnel.
  • Hotel Deputy Directors.
  • All personnel working in various Tourism Enterprises.
  • Staff responsible for tourism facilities such as hotels, swimming pools, and parks.
  • Directors of hotels, resorts, and all kind of tourism facilities.
  • Owners of Travel and Tourism Agencies.
  • Front Office Staff from the Front Office Manager to the Assistant Managers.
  • Hotel Supervisors, Reception Managers, Service and Lounge Supervisors, and finally Customer Service Personnel, and Monitors.

How will trainees benefit from the Course?

After completing the program, trainees will be able to master the following topics:

  • Experience in the Hotel & Tourism Project Management.
  • Effective Management Methods of Booking and Travel Operations.
  • Applications of Information Technology for successful Hotel Management.
  • Global Approach adopted in global hotel supervision and management strategies.
  • Supervision & Reporting Methods on all hotel sections, and preparation of a daily overview of workflow mechanisms.
  • Proper ways to deal with complaints that may be raised by hotel guests.
  • Management skills of Hotels and Resorts.
  • Communication Skills and Public Relations.
  • Marketing skills and methods to win clients.

Course Content

  • Tourism: Definition, Concepts, and its significant impacts on both economic and social aspects.
  • Hotel Management under the internationally adopted methods
  • Restaurant Management, global food preparation, baking, cooking and serving styles.
  • Proper management of time and work organization, on a daily basis and according to a specific action plan.
  • Strategic Thinking and Future Planning abilities.
  • Balanced Management of hotel departments, including control and supervision of any misbehavior, contrary to the adopted policies and code of conduct.
  • Definition and Major Elements of Hotel Supervision.
  • Differences between Traditional and Modern methods of Tourism Development.
  • Principles of Tourism Business Management.
  • Tourism Market Segmentation.
  • Major Elements and Trends of Tourist Demands.

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£2900 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2320 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£1885 / Member

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