Financial Analysis and Financial Reporting Session


The purpose of the financial analysis is to look for the conditions of the financial balance In the long and short term, to identify strengths and weaknesses in financial policies, to extract some solutions and suggestions in financial management processes, and to undertake some detailed studies of the financial statements, to ensure that the financial information of the Ssat and processed, the use of certain means Vlhma there are internal and external results.

Financial analysis is a necessary means to achieve sound financial planning, as evidenced in the financial situation of the institution in periods of time using a combination of techniques that are financial ratios, as well as working capital.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers of institutions and companies.
  • Businessmen who are willito develop their skills in managing banks.
  • Students and graduates of business schools in different universities.
  • Bank managers and departmental staff in banks.
  • Accountants and their assistants in banks and banks.
  • Anyone who wants to develop his expertise to work in financial analysis in the financial sectors.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Acquiring high-quality skills and basic experience in dealing with spreadsheets such as MS Excel, database management software such as MS Access.
  • The ways to deal with these programs in designing, developing electronic accounting applications, as well as acquiring technical issues related to the methods of using these programs.
  • In the areas of analysis of accounting data, information, analysis of financial statements for the purpose of evaluating financial, administrative performance of enterprises.
  • Access to financial information that would help to make administrative decisions.
  • Financial Planning and Budget Planning.
  • Ship and supply the individual skills of the participants in everything related to planning, financial analysis, planning budgets, both planning, regulatory, as well as the field of specialized professional advice.
  • Understand and analyze the problems or obstacles related to measuring the performance achieved, evaluation for purposes of evaluation and quality.

Course Content

  • Registration of financial transactions .
  • Double Enrollment Theory .
  • Accounting Principles .
  • Financial Analysis Definition and importance .
  • Strategies for financial analysis in banks and banks .
  • Basic Accounting Conventions .
  • The concept of hostile budget .
  • Important rules related to accounts .

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£3040 / Member

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£2356 / Member

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