Training course on quality of health services


The British Academy for Training and Development holds a training course in the quality of health services starting from the importance of achieving comprehensive quality standards in the health sector, and because the health sector is the most important government or private sector in any country, and the quality in it must be at the highest levels.
Quality standards in the health sectors include all components of this sector, whether in terms of tools, materials and medical supplies, or in terms of medical cadres, or even in terms of administrative cadres based on these sectors, which may not be graduates of medical institutes or colleges, but they are exclusively Participate in health courses for general information.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend? 

  • Graduates of colleges or medical institutes are doctors, pharmacists, nurses or medical assistants. 
  • Employees working in public and private hospitals and clinics. 
  • Managers in health centers. 
  •  Laboratory workers and pharmaceutical factories. 
  • All those wishing to enter the health field and work in one of its departments 


How attendees will benefit? 

After completion of the programme, delegates will be able to know: 

  • Discuss the concept of quality, dimensions of quality and standards and criteria 
  • Discuss the mandate, roles, power and responsibility of the Office of Health Standards & Compliance  
  • Describe Core Standards for health services and undertake assessments based on those standards 
  • Describe the concept and advocate for “patient centeredness” 
  • Design an M&E plan for quality improvement 
  • Describe the process of Institutionalizing quality in health services  
  • Learn an effective conceptual framework for the design of an overall health improvement system 
  • Plan strategically for health system improvement 
  • Develop and assess clinical practice guidelines 
  • Strengthen the people aspects of the quality improvement process 
  • Learn and use the components of the "Quality Toolkit" 
  • Describe the Ideal clinic concept 

Course Content

  • Conceptualizing health care quality 
  • Dimensions of quality  
  • Leadership 
  • Monitoring & Evaluation 
  • Indicators 
  • Client satisfaction surveys 
  • Lot quality assurance method 
  • Patient centeredness 
  • Models of care 
  • Regulatory control/OHSC 
  • Organization of service delivery 
  • Quality management systems 
  • Strategic Planning for Quality  
  • Developing and Implementing Clinical Practice Guidelines 

Course Date





Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£3300 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2640 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2145 / Member

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