Management Course for Fighting Corruption


Corruption is common worldwide, and the corporation loses about five percent of its revenue each year because of internal fraud only. Current studies show that tackling corruption is not just a matter of financing managers who have a detailed role in their institutions in confronting fraud and corruption whether they are working in the private sector, the public sector or other nonـprofit sectors.

The task of these managers is to ensure that all the resources entrusted to them are properly managed. This requires them to be well informed about the issue of antiـcorruption as well as a practical understanding of ethical behavior and the basic principles of fighting corruption.

Objectives and target group

Target group:

  • Managers in institutions who have a role in facing corruption in their institutions.

Course objectives:

  • Raise the awareness of participants at the session on the issue of corruption and its danger.
  • Provide participants with basic knowledge of antiـcorruption principles.
  • Provide participants with practical action to protect their institutions from corruption.
  • That participants at that session can identify corruption and identify the types of communication that are likely to lead to, and will be based on, abusive and corrupt behavior.

Course Content

Academic content of the course:

  • General introduction on the corruption issue “ is corruption a problem?”
  • Definition and patterns of corruption behavior in institutions.
  • Facing and combating corruption frameworks.
  • Conflict of interest.
  • Principles of fighting corruption.
  • Fighting corruption and mechanisms to control it.
  • Administrative patterns and decisionـmaking process taking into account ethical concerns.
  • Legends of corruption and the reason for the failure of efforts to combat it.


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