A course on financing, regulations and financial fraud


This course is tailored for those who work in the field of fund regulation and investigation of financial fraud crimes, so to help them to understand and comprehend the most effective ways of fighting financial fraud and provide them with the most successful ways of formulation of legislated financial and financing policies to prevent financial fraud. The way followed by the British Academy for Training and Development will guarantee the participants interactive learning, which will enhance the basic concepts like current laws and financial practices that include the followed principals and mechanisms of effective risk management, after studying and understanding international protocols and ethical standards.

Objectives and target group

Course target audience:

  • People working in field of finance and freezing of funds.
  • Investigators of financial fraud crimes.
  • People working in money-laundering.
  • Financial managers.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop, formulate and apply investigation strategies.
  • Enforce professional ethics in fund management and administration.
  • Financial analysis and performance evaluation.
  • The participant will be capable of leading change in the organization effectively.
  • Provision of services which will protect the interests of stakeholders.

Course Content

  • International agreements of fund regulation.
  • Sovereign debt and their effects on fund management.
  • Ethics and public funds.
  • Risk management.
  • Network security and what is related to financial crime on the internet.
  • Fund management and its applications on Islamic law.
  • Investigation strategies and detection of financial fraud and money-laundering.

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