Management Information Systems: Advantages and Work Fields


Management information systems (MIS) is a specialization integrating two disciplines; information systems science and management science. It is a regenerative non-rigid science where it is related to technology development and governmental and commercial organizations progress. Thus, information systems departments should be keen on updating information periodically.

Objectives and target group

How can Management Information Systems (MIS) combine between Information Systems (IS) and  Management?

Information Systems (IS):

Information Systems is a computer discipline taught in faculties of computer science and information technology (IT). It combines between information technology (IT), and its programs, and the activities practiced by human beings in order to do the required operations. Such discipline includes databases, networks, software and equipment.

Information Systems Management

A wide and comprehensive discipline taught in the faculties of management sciences. It includes all administrative fields such as business administration, marketing, financial accounting, production management, supply chains, human resources, financial management…etc.

In this sense, Management Information Systems (MIS) is the process in which technology is employed in serving, organizing and developing management business. It also helps decision makers taken decisions effectively and efficiently. Since the design of systems requires understanding departments-based user needs, as a result, systems analyzers are required to be fully aware of administrative details including their essence and needs. Therefore, information systems and management are merged.

Course Content

Most Important Characteristics of Management Information Systems (MIS):

  • In general, Management Information Systems (MIS) combines between computer and management sciences. It deals with informatics as a system existing in all institutions, and not as a self-independent software system.
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) relates between all parts of the institution through planning systems of institutions' resources.
  • Administrative background known by the specialist of such discipline is considered to be a fine addition functionally. It might also be milestone in computer or information technology disciplines. Whoever desires to continue education can find a wide field in both disciplines; information systems and management.

What are the fields of work in Management Information Systems (MIS)?

Work opportunities in this field are extended to all computer and management related jobs including Information Systems Analysts and Designers, E-Commerce Specialists, PC Technical Specialists, Database Official, Webpages Designer and Developer, System Support and Technical Support, Information Systems Development and Adjustment, Systems and Information Management, Webpages Designers.


The British Academy for Training and Development provides multiple and professional courses on Information Technology, Communications and Website Designs in order to develop the functional integration of workers specialized in Management Information Systems (MIS).

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