Before starting any project must be studied financially to determine whether this project can proceed to achieve what is required of it or not! The study of the project financially is the first step of the feasibility study of any project.

Objectives and target group

Objectives and target audience

Mastering the science of financial management is the most important thing that a management team of any institution or project should have in any field! It rely upon the financial management to determine the feasibility of the project and the possibility of success according to the set objectives or not.

Course Content

Financial Management Departments

Some may think that studying the amount of capital required for any project is the first and most important step of financial management for this project. However, the fact that financial management includes many departments associated with the project from the start of the opening and throughout his work!

Capital study

The study of the capital required for any company or institution was the first to be done by the financial management teams of this company or project.

Study the period required to recover the capital

Therefore, the period required to start the actual profit from the project or company required to work on it.

Study the market value of the company or project over the longer term.

The project, company or institution on which we work may be one of the long-term projects or of interim projects whose market value will be reduced soon. Therefore, the amount of profits that are commensurate with the lifetime of the project and the nearest capital recovery should be considered.

Study of original costs and additional costs

Included in this item are many elements that may not be within the thinking of the entrepreneur. However, as part of the Financial Management Team reports, for example machinery and equipment considered of the original costs, as are the salaries of workers and staff. The financial management team must plan to it in detail before starting work mainly.

The financial management team is one of the most important teams for any project or institution. The economic feasibility study for any project is the most important step before starting this project to ensure that it can be continued and to what extent.

The British Academy for Training and Development has a number of courses in financial management proficiency on its website and within its various departments in financial management and accounting for training and development.

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