Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance


Course Overview

This course covers the principles of good governance and quality assurance for compliance function in banks and financial institutions. You will develop a strong core knowledge of corporate governance frameworks and codes and compliance.

This practical course will equip executives, senior managers and functional heads with a specialist role in internal audit, risk management, compliance and control, HR, quality and excellence, information management or security to establish, lead and manage specialist functions that meet current good practice expectations.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend?

  • Bank employees

  • Bank managers

  • Employees in compliance and control

  • Quality auditors

  • Senior managers

  • HR employees

    Knowledge and Benefits:

    After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following:

  • Explain the reason for compliance

  • Discuss their industry regulatory framework

  • Assess the implication of Compliance Communications

  • Gain experience in the procedures of compliance functions in a bank so that they can set

    priorities for the management of compliance risks in the bank to suit its requirements

  • Examine quality assurance

  • Understand the integrated concepts of governance, risk management, information,

    compliance and performance, control and assurance and the standards expected

    including structural, procedural, and behavioural components

  • Appreciate how to establish, lead, and manage the specialist functions to meet current

    global standards

  • Evaluate your function’s performance and compliance, and provide information and

    assurance as required in the accountability framework

  • Engage effectively with your stakeholders

Course Content

  1. Course Content

18 January 2023

  • Overview of Governance, Risk Management, and Internal Controls.

  • Corporate governance issues and concepts.

  • External governance – law and regulation.

  • Corporate Governance stakeholders.

  • Corporate Governance importance.

  • Different models of corporate governance and the difference between them.

  • What is compliance?

  • The importance of compliance.

  • Practical examples of compliance.

  • Compliance Risk.

  • Enterprise Risk Management.

  • Risk Management areas.

  • Implementing controls in business cycles.

• Risk management process as per COSO guidelines:

o Indoor environment.
o Goal setting.
o Definition of events (risks).
o Risk assessment and response. o Risk control activities.
o Information & communication. o Risk Control.

o Identifying areas of risk management and internal and external environment changes.

• Implement controls within business cycles and processes:

o Payment and purchase cycle controls.

o Inventory cycle and cost controls.
o HR cycle controls and payroll systems.

o Sales and collection cycle controls.

o Fixed asset lifecycle controls.

  • Identify and evaluate high-impact rewards, risks, and compliance requirements.

  • Different stakeholder roles and responsibilities in a private or public organization.

  • Practical applications and case studies.

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