The course in Presentation Design is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to create visually captivating and impactful presentations. Through a combination of theory and hands-on exercises, participants will learn the principles of effective presentation design, explore various design techniques, and gain practical experience in creating professional and engaging presentations.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend?

  • Professionals who regularly deliver presentations in their roles
  • Sales and marketing professionals who want to create visually impactful sales pitches
  • Educators and trainers who want to enhance their presentation delivery skills
  • Individuals who want to learn practical techniques for designing visually appealing presentations

Knowledge and Benefits:


After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following:


  • Develop a deep understanding of the principles of effective presentation design
  • Acquire practical skills in designing visually captivating presentations
  • Create engaging and memorable presentations that effectively communicate key messages
  • Enhance presentation delivery skills and confidently engage with the audience
  • Utilize presentation design tools and resources effectively to save time and effort

Course Content

Course Content

  • Introduction to Presentation Design.
  • Understanding the importance of visual communication in presentations
  • Exploring the psychology of visuals and its impact on audience engagement
  • Identifying the key elements of effective presentation design
  • Defining presentation objectives and target audience
  • Developing a clear and logical structure for the presentation
  • Organizing content and creating an outline for the presentation
  • Visual elements and design principles.
  • Choosing the right color palette and typography for the presentation
  • Incorporating relevant images, icons, and graphics to enhance visual appeal
  • Applying design principles such as balance, contrast, and alignment
  • Layout and slide design.
  • Designing compelling slide layouts that enhance content delivery
  • Using visual hierarchy to guide the audience's attention
  • Incorporating effective use of whitespace and alignment for clarity
  • Data visualization
  • Presenting data effectively through charts, graphs, and infographics
  • Selecting the appropriate data visualization techniques for different types of data
  • Enhancing data visualizations with proper labeling and annotations
  • Incorporating animation and transition effects to create dynamic and engaging presentations
  • Using animations to reveal information gradually and enhance storytelling
  • Avoiding excessive animations that can distract or overwhelm the audience
  • Presentation delivery and public speaking skills
  • Techniques for delivering a confident and persuasive presentation
  • Managing nervousness and engaging with the audience effectively
  • Practicing effective body language, voice projection, and eye contact
  • Introduction to popular presentation design software such as PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Exploring online resources, templates, and design libraries for presentation design inspiration
  • Tips for integrating multimedia elements, audio, and video into presentations
  • Practical exercises and workshops

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£3800 / Member

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£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2356 / Member

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