Course in Developing The Skills of Trainees to Manage Crises and Disasters Before and During Their Occurrence Efficiently and Effectively


For many years, man has been suffering from all kinds of disasters, which leave behind devastating effects on property and population, and it was difficult for countries to confront these disasters due to the lack of available capabilities or their non-existence, which made the losses be imaginary, and the development of human societies and the prosperity of industries and construction and the consequences of technology Modern risks in addition to the various disasters and calamities that occur from time to time, all of this made human thinking develop in the field of protection with the aim of preserving the human and economic element, and governments began to adopt everything new in the field of combating disasters and protecting lives and property.

There are many definitions that explain the concept of “crisis and disaster management”, but the concept can be summarized as operations that include forecasting crises and disasters and identifying the possible or required procedures to be followed when they occur; With the aim of controlling and dealing with a sudden or emergency situation that causes severe damage and instability and obstructs normal operations, this process seeks to restore balance by making rapid changes and treatments.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend? 

  • Engineers and supervisors.
  • Security and safety personnel.
  • workers in the health sector.
  • Ordinary and interested workers.
  • Occupants of administrative and leadership positions in various organizations.
  • Those in charge of public relations, security and safety departments.
  • Responsible for crisis and disaster management in establishments and institutions.

How attendees will benefit? 

After completion of the course, delegates will be able to: 

  • Know the concept of disaster and its characteristics.
  • Know the types of disasters.
  • Prepare for disaster situations before they happen.
  • disaster response.
  • How to manage a disaster and its steps.
  • Know the concept of crisis and its classifications.
  • Know the stages of the crisis.
  • Understand the basics of crisis management.
  • Dealing with some crises.
  • Planning to respond to the crisis.
  • How to manage crises in vital locations.
  • Abilities and skills of sound management thinking for crises and disasters.
  • Knowledge and administrative and leadership skills for crisis and disaster management.
  • How to support and rebuild society after human or natural disasters that have occurred.

Course Content

  • Define crises.
  • Crisis team task sequence.
  • crisis management levels.
  • Methods of dealing with disasters and crises.
  • Crisis planning and preparation for the unknown.
  • Communication during and after emergencies.
  • Various contingency plans.
  • Decision making strategy under pressure.
  • Crisis and disaster management in a sudden situation.
  • Technical procedures before and after the disaster or crisis.
  • The most important post-emergency administrative procedures.
  • Mechanism for immediate coordination with the concerned authorities in the country in the event of an emergency.
  • Techniques to deal with crises and rapid emergencies.
  • Steps to deal with crisis and emergency situations.
  • Disasters and their different types and how to deal with the disaster.
  • Prepare for disasters, evacuations, and rescues.

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