Course in International Relations and Foreign Diplomacy


The International Relations and Foreign Diplomacy program deals with the study of relations between states at the global level, as well as between states and organizations, such as: international organizations and non-state actors. These relations between countries are reflected in international trade, economic prosperity, migration, the global environment, transnational organized crime, war, and global peace and security, which leads to tangible results at the international and national levels.

This course helps participants to form a comprehensive and deep understanding of the basics of international relations and diplomacy with a focus on communication, negotiation, analysis and character building. International.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend? 

  • Those wishing to learn about the origins of international relations and foreign diplomacy.
  • Managers, leaders and officials in government and private institutions.
  • Representatives of international organizations and intergovernmental organizations.
  • Those whose duties and functions are related to diplomacy and foreign affairs.
  • Professionals who wish to learn more about foreign relations and foreign diplomacy.
  • Organizers of international conferences and events.
  • Workers in international governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Those wishing to occupy leadership positions in higher management.
  • Anyone who wants to develop knowledge and skill in international relations and foreign diplomacy.

How attendees will benefit? 

After completion of the course, delegates will be able to: 

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of international relations.
  • Complex foreign policies.
  • Basic practices for managing international relations and foreign diplomacy.
  • Work diplomacy in international organizations.
  • International dispute resolution and high-level negotiation mechanisms.
  • Professionalism in protocol, ceremonies and diplomatic etiquette.
  • The changing global geopolitical, economic and strategic environment.

Course Content

  • Introduction to international relations and foreign diplomacy.
  • Ethical and legal aspects of international relations and foreign diplomacy.
  • Work diplomacy in international organizations.
  • Diplomatic and consular missions.
  • The way embassies work around the world.
  • International dispute resolution and negotiation mechanisms.
  • Diplomatic protection.
  • International responsibility.
  • International Relations Department.
  • International foreign policies.
  • Protocol, ceremonies and diplomatic etiquette.
  • Strategic planning and international relations.
  • International Relations and Crisis Management.
  • The rules of international law.
  • International treaties and conventions.
  • International organizations and their role in interstate relations.

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Course Cost

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£3040 / Member

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£2356 / Member

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