Course of Advanced Systems in accounting matters and financial statements and budgets


This course explains the occurred developments in the accounts and budgets, the preparation of the financial statements and the assessment of financial and monetary performance. It also considers modifications to international accounting standards.

This course offered to accountants, interested in financial matters and financial Controllers.

Objectives and target group

General purposes of the course:

  • Identify the accounting functions and their nature and explain the practical and technical methods that we need to raise the performance of the accountant and financial controller.
  • Acquiring the skills required to prepare financial accounting applications in accordance with international modifications.
  • Identify the benefits and methods of financial control, methods of applying advanced means to reach a good financial performance and predict success or failure and bankruptcy.
  • Evaluating the financial and monetary performance and evaluating the financial and monetary policies of customers.
  • Evaluating and measuring operational performance and evaluating investments by using advanced applications.

Course Details:

  • Financial statements and methods of preparation.
  • Prepare income statement.
  • Prepare change in equity statements.
  • Prepare cash flow statements and financial statements.
  • Policies governing the preparation of financial statements.
  • Practical applications for the preparation of financial statements.
  • What it needs to prepare statements.
  • Publication of financial statements in newspapers.
  • Practical applications to prepare financial statements in accordance with international standards.
  • Evaluation of cash performance and its measurement methods.
  • Cash performance assessment needs.
  • Means of measurement for cash performance.
  • Various practical applications.
  • Advanced means and its use in evaluating cash performance.
  • Policies given to customers and its evaluation.
  • Means of collection and follow-up of customers.
  • Determination of debt repayment ability.
  • Determine the ability to take loans.
  • Matters related to liquidity and its impact.
  • Various practical applications.

Course Content

Advanced methods of control used to detect failure and predict bankruptcy:

  • Causes of failure.
  • Determine the financial conditions of the Authority and predict failure.
  • Bankruptcy Indicators.
  • Advanced models for predicting bankruptcy and failure.
  • Various practical applications to predict financial failure.

Advanced Methods of Financial Performance Assessment:

  • Method of evaluation of investment projects.
  • Method of measurement for balanced performances of
  • Using the BENCHMARKING method in evaluating the performance of
  • The intellectual theory of accounting.
  • International Accounting Principles.
  • Advanced international theories in both financial analysis and cost accounting.
  • Liability accounting and its reports.
  • Advanced theories explaining the establishment of budgets.
  • Using of accounting data in making decision.
  • Control and auditing systems within organizations and control.
  • Advanced theories of auditing within organizations.
  • The influence of the computer on the performance of the accountant and the financial controller.
  • International Accounting Standard.
  • Content lists according to modern international standards.
  • Improved Standard.
  • Explanation of financial statements.
  • Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Changing expectations and fixing damages.
  • Assets and their evaluation.
  • Accounting standards.
  • Improved Standard 10.
  • Revenue verification.
  • Evaluate and measure financial performance.

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