Course of arrange and present reports and how to manage financial systems


This course provides students with important and innovative rules and foundations that make organizing, preparing and presenting reports a smooth process that achieves their goal and increases the student's experience in managing the financial systems. The best ways to achieve this, ultimately in the interest of developing the institution or establishment whether the student is a worker or owner of it.

This course offered to financial observers and others interested in financial affairs within institutions and establishments of all levels.

Objectives and target group

Course Objectives:

  • Identify financial reporting methods in a right and convincing manner.
  • Give the trainee the skill of evaluating reports.
  • Identify the required criteria for measuring financial reporting.

Course Content

Course axes:

The first axis:

Introduction to Financial Reports:

  • Definition and types of reports.
  • Benefits of regulatory reports and their objectives.
  • Administrative levels and regulatory reports.
  • Conditions for the preparation of regulatory reports.
  • Judging the success or failure of the report.

The second axis:

  • Reporting and design stages.
  • Stage determining both the position and purpose of the reports.
  • Preparation and construction stage.
  • Start-up and implementation stage.
  • Report printing stage.
  • Stage of ending, auditing and follow-up of the report.
  • Practical and various applications.

The third axis:

Principles of preparing financial regulatory repots in terms of quality:

  • Identify the uses of reports and recipients.
  • The overall structure of financial regulatory reports.
  • Who reads the report?
  • Methods of writing the report.
  • Ways of persuasion and the effects of user behaviors.
  • Identify methods of presentation of reports.
  • Skills required to write a report.
  • Advanced tools needed to write a report.
  • Various practical applications.

The fourth axis:

Elements of regulatory reports:

  • About the report.
  • The most important thing in the report.
  • Result of the report.
  • Proposals of the report.
  • Summary of the report.
  • Various practical applications and workshop.

The fifth axis:

The bases on which the financial regulatory reports are based:

  • Characteristics of regulatory reporting data.
  • Report contents.
  • Principles of quality determined by America.
  • International reporting bases.
  • Evaluation methods for quality reports.
  • Various practical applications and workshop.

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