Environmental Planning and the Foundations of Environment Protection


A significant course revolves around the environmental planning and the required laws to protect the environment and the impacts have been resulted from. And the environmental planning is a term that refers to the development plans within the environment. In addition, it concerns with the environmental capacities that don't exceed the development projects, their aspirations, and a sound environmental vision; therefore, this course must be studied.

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of illness or disability. Satisfying all human needs leads to good health. Health is generally the responsibility of the governments and health centers concerned. In fact, success depends on nutrition and environmental health promotion, Malnutrition increases the human vulnerability to the disease, as well as the lack of basic services to protect public health, such as the water of the East, sewage systems and environmental hygiene.

It is no secret that the job within the industrial medical facilities is carried out in a center that is almost free of many risks, including chemical poisoning, fire, transmission of infection or the risk of exposure to radiation materials, etc. Therefore, these accidents should be prevented by preparing planning systems Safety and health, and follow healthy methods for the preparation of these facilities from the establishment and reconstruction, and to the development of all safety systems, standards and qualify human cadres to activate the mechanisms of professional protection when necessary, we address at this session all the important and fundamental in the planning of safety and Within industrial medical facilities.

Objectives and target group

  • Course Objectives:

    . Reaching methods to reduce pollution in the environment, knowing the diseases resulting from this pollution and how to be prevented.
    The concept of environmental pollution and the types of environmental pollution:

  • Environmental pollution and its impact on health.
  • Environment and disease patterns.
  • Social transformations and disease types.
  • The concept of health as a basic human need.
  • Global environmental health projects.
  • An air pollution.
  • This kind of pollution includes the following:
    . Air pollution occurs in the working environment.
    . Pollution occurs outside the working environment.


Course Content

Noise Pollution:

. The internal noise pollution, the diseases resulting from it, and the means of its prevention.
. The external noise pollution such as the existence of noise outside the working environment.
. Means of prevention of the internal noise pollution.
. Providing regular maintenance services of the existed machines in order not to make loud noise.
. Working with modern machines within the working environment.

Means of Radiation Measurement:

The absorbed dose.
. Rad.
. Biological Effect.
. Means of controlling and radiation preventing inside the working environment.
. Acquiring the adequate information about the radiation damage.
. Training on setting up an emergency plan to avoid the risks caused by the radiation.
. The existence of rules to reduce the radiation damages.
. Air pollution in the rejected fires:
.  Control and measurement systems.

Ultrasound Pollution:
For which the ultrasound is used.
. Measurement methods and its applications.
. The diseases resulting from the working environment.
. The causes of these diseases and their prevention.
.  The pollution resulting from working in the petroleum companies and its derivatives.
. The causes and prevention means.
. Diseases resulting from air pollution NOX, SOX, COX in the internal combustion engines.
. Diseases resulting from noise pollution in the work dust.
. Pollution by the radiation, the diseases resulting from it, and the means of its prevention.

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