Training Course in The Basics and Principles of Health Management in Hospitals and Medical Centers in General


The fastest growing sectors in the current global economy is the health care sector which has provided tremendous growth opportunities for job seekers and entrepreneurial opportunities for new entrants, but it was necessary to understand the unique characteristics of each industry within the health care field first, a program was designed to help those who wish career advancement opportunities in this field or who want to have experience in the management business of health centers and improve the management of interaction between employees, patients and customers, and better equip themselves with the enlightened and creative capabilities of management, so we have provided a training course on the principles and principles of health management in hospitals and medical centers in general. 

Objectives and target group

  • Persons who want to specialize in hospital management from doctors. 
  • Students and graduates of colleges and medical and health institutes 

After completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:  

  • Identify the unique characteristics of health service management and develop successful management strategies. 
  • Better management of the role of customers to obtain desirable business results. 
  • Marketing products is better than it is, and improving managing customer expectations and perceptions. 
  • Implement marketing strategies and optimal management of health care. 
  • Identify the unique characteristics of the health care sector. 
  • Get ideas from innovative methods in the public service industry, in the field of health and medical management of hospitals in particular. 
  • Develop the best innovative strategies in your field.  

Course Content

The programme covers the following topics: 

  • Types of health facilities in the medical sector.
  • Definition and concept of unique healthcare.
  • Health care departments.
  • Foundations and principles of health management.
  • The role of management and analysis of administrative levels in health facilities.
  • The unique characteristics of the healthcare sector and its development.
  • Objectives of the health administration.
  • Types of health management.
  • Health management techniques.
  • General principles of health management.
  • Management and leadership in hospitals and health centers.
  • Strategic management in hospitals and health centers.
  • Foundations and principles of health management.
  • Contemporary issues in hospital management.
  • Management of purchases and medical stores.
  • Medical human resources management.
  • Financial management in hospitals.
  • The administrative skills of health facility managers and the attributes of a successful manager.
  • Management of medical departments in health facilities.
  • Principles of comprehensive and medical quality management in hospitals and health centers.
  • The development of quality and total quality systems in hospitals.
  • Quality as a standard in the journey of providing services in hospitals and health centers.
  • Concepts of quality control and assurance.
  • The application of medical quality in hospitals.
  • Conditions and steps for establishing quality management in hospitals.
  • Tools and methods used in quality management and their applications to hospitals.
  • The stages of applying total quality management in hospitals and health centers.
  • Analysis of the satisfaction of patients, doctors and workers, and a course in improving quality in hospitals and health centers.
  • Marketing policies for health services.
  • The economics of health services and their importance.
  • Studying the demand and supply of health services.
  • Economic analysis of production in health services facilities.
  • Governance in health administration.
  • Fighting the infection.
  • Health management information systems.
  • Information Systems Management.
  • NGOs and health care.
  • Administrative reform.
  • The administrative process in health development.

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Course Cost

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£3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2356 / Member

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