Drafting, Auditing, and Analyzing of Contracts


The British Academy for Training and Development presents this training course (Drafting, Auditing, and Analyzing of Contracts) including a variety of training modules, all of which are within the legal solid and effective methods of drafting and analyzing various legal contracts and documentation, and the proper analysis thereof under modern methods supervised by specialists in the legal sector.

Legal memos are not less important than scientific research that can provide facts through two basic principles being good preparation, and adoption of the scientific methods. When preparing legal notes, the legal specialist shall be fully aware that his legal memorandum must be based on the previous two principles, free of material mistakes or impurities that may affect them, including failure to investigate the concluded results in the subject matter of the dispute.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Law Officers.
  • Managers and Directors of Companies and Enterprises.
  • Law Students.
  • Managers of companies and enterprises.
  • Personnel in charge of Law Departments in business and commercial firms.
  • Businessmen wishing to develop their legal skills.
  • Employees in the field of legal Management.
  • Students and graduates of faculties of law at various universities.
  • Trainee lawyers.

Course Content

General Conditions of Contracts:

  • Balance between Agreement and Contract.
  • Cheques and contracts.
  • Contract and their relation to Civil Law.
  • Contract and enforceable general law.
  • Civil and Administrative Contracts.
  • Patterns of Contracts.
  • Contracting Techniques.

Contracting Standards:

  • Characteristics of contract drafting.
  • The basics of successful contracts.
  • Planning and implementation
  • Terms of contracts.
  • Global sales contract.
  • Contractual Terms and Conditions.
  • The Legal Formalities of Contracts.
  • Legal Requirements of Contracts.

Contract Components:

  • Drafting
  • Approvals.
  • Signatures.
  • Documents.
  • Appendixes.
  • Enclosures.

Procedures and Problems of Contracts

  • Previous Contracts and Limitations thereof.
  • Terms and conditions
  • The financial aspects of contracts.
  • Negotiation & bidding procedures.
  • Previous Approvals.
  • Bid exclusion patterns.
  • Tender corrections.
  • Conditions of writing of administrative contracts.
  • Business interruption complications.
  • Financial tenders.
  • The right to amend conditions.
  • Sanctions
  • Achieving financial balance.
  • Possibility of cancellation
  • Crises Managements.

Course Content

  • Civil and Administrative contracts.
  • Classification of contracts.
  • Types of Management Contracts.
  • The legal nature of contracts
  • Contract Rules and Regulations.
  • International Sale Contracts.
  • International delivery conditions.
  • General Terms and Conditions of contracts.

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Course Cost

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£3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2356 / Member

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