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Do you know anything about marketing plans?

Marketing Plan

For any company is the window of success in achieving the objectives of this company to carry them to its ends. In fact there are three types of companies; those that make things happen; those that watch things happen; and those who wonder what happens. The marketing plan should make things happen! With a well-prepared marketing plan, the company's goal is to make things happen rather than wonder what happens!

It can be said that the marketing plan is a business plan for the company mainly focused on sales and marketing, but this simple definition does not reflect the importance and complexity that characterize the marketing plan, as any marketing plan must answer the following questions:

Where is the company site now?
Where do you want to go?
What is the way to get there?
The marketing plan is a written document - usually no more than 10 pages - that outlines the strategy, the marketing environment, the expected customers, the expected competition, and the objectives for sales and profit for the next year.

The two most important factors in the successful preparation of the marketing plan are the flexibility that allows for change, and the ability to deal with other sections of the project (finance, production, research and development, ...).

Reasons for preparing the marketing plan
Say like an old If you do not know where you are going, take any route because you will not know the difference when you arrive. Similarly, if you have a vague idea of ​​where you are going, you need extraordinary luck to reach it. The mere thought of preparing a marketing plan compels any company to seriously consider its objectives and the reasons for its survival. In general, the general objectives of small and medium enterprises are similar in the vast majority of cases. They are centered on building an industrial or commercial project on sound foundations, achieving steady growth and profitability. Out.

Marketing plays a crucial role in achieving these objectives. It leads to the recognition of the growth factors of new customers and markets, determines the nature of the products and services required by these customers, explains the necessary procedures required to win business deals, and demonstrates the competitive advantage of the company and the opportunities available to them. Risk in the market.

The written marketing plan must include all marketing activities and compel the company to follow the rules of structured thinking, so as to draw specific objectives, indicating the most effective activities to be carried out.

The marketing plan shall:

  1. Clearly linking goals and actions. Prioritize.
  2. Describes the company's path: where you want to go and what means you can reach.
  3. Identify the resources required and the best ways to distribute them.
  4. Define responsibilities, tasks, and schedule.
  5. The company is urged to think about new strategies, introduce innovation and diversification, and find the best means to carry out its activities.
  6. It mitigates risks because it foresees market problems, threats, risks and volatility.
  7. Provides a methodology for measuring, improving and developing marketing activities.

The marketing plan should not be rigid. On the contrary, it should be flexible enough to allow the company to review its plans in the light of new developments, new opportunities and emergency problems. The flexible marketing plan enables the company to respond For changes more quickly.

Responsible for preparing the marketing plan
Depending on the size of the company, the person responsible for preparing the plan depends to a certain extent on the size of the company. If the company has a marketing department, the director of the marketing department must do the same. In small companies where the owner or manager is actually the marketing agent, Marketing Plan.