Academy Vision

Overview of BATD
The British Academy for Training and Development (BATD), located in London, is a British educational Academy specialized and accredited in the field of training, development and consultation for human and corporate cadres in several and various areas. The Academy holds its training courses and programs, studies and conferences in Britain in addition to other 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. It provides a unique educational model featured with its flexibility in time, dates and place. It provides the latest information and modern sciences in a group of specializations up to 1300 different programs through specialists and experts from all over the world and in five languages.

The Academy carries out its programs professionally using the latest technologies of the world. These programs are presented in Arabic or English in addition to other languages such as (Spanish, French and German) based on the request of the trainee entity.

We are also registered at the British companies accredited in the education and training field under No. 08758169.

Our Vision
The British Academy for Training and Development (BATD) is one of the best training and developmental institutions in the world. This is demonstrated through its ability to combine between the scientific and practical methods needed by its trainees. In addition, it opens the field for everyone and all specializations to benefit and gain experience. This is based on our belief that science and knowledge are basic right for all.
We also promote the Academy leadership and cadres through continuous training and development, upgrading the level of performance, and continuous contact and interaction with the society and similar institutions within the state and abroad.
The Academy measures its performance by applying high-level standards respecting great ambitions and seeking excellence through our commitment to the finest intellectual standards.
Our Mission
The institution seeks, through providing specialized training programs, to achieve the following:
1. Improving the employees’ corporate performance.
2. Upgrading the scientific and practical level of employees to perform their duties in line with the new development in the training field.
3. Connecting institutions, companies and individuals with international institutions and companies to achieve their interests and raise their performance level through conferences, workshops and specialized exchange programs.
4. Transferring the experience of governmental and private companies and institutions in Britain and Europe to the other countries of the world.