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Centralized Educational Management

The Centralized Educational Management has become an urgent necessity in the modern era; in the meantime its application has become much easier than ever before, because of the great development that has taken place in the overall educational and didactic process, due to the general development and  continuous  improvements  in  technology  and  educational  or  didactic methods.    Although    such    developments    belong    to    the    modern methodologies, which were never considered previously by the educational process  in  any  way,  but  in  the  mean  while  such  methodologies  have facilitated  the  Centralized  Educational  Management,  and  enhanced  the linking  and  collaboration  process  between  multiple  educational  systems together in one comprehensive accurate scheme, so it is no longer difficult to refer to the central administrative head in order to archive information, or organizing data.

Centralized and Decentralized Educational Management

Management itself is the main process for making laws and following-up the implementation thereof, by all individuals within the system, and from various levels. The Centralized or Decentralized Educational Management is one of the most substantial administrative systems in the community, as it oversees   the   overall   educational   process,   and   follows   the   level   of education and learning from parties, teacher and student.


The Decentralization of educational Management is deemed vital, since it is necessary to give each educational institution the necessary powers to develop   its   level,   even   without   reference   to   the   General   Central Educational   Administration,   although   such   powers   are   ultimately determined  by  the  central  administration,  but  such  process  allow  the educational  institutions  to  provide  suggestions  and  develop  the  adopted means and methods, within the educational process.


The Central Educational Management exercises the role of linkage between various  educational  institutions,  and  at  the  same  time  it  plays  the  role  of authority and supervision over all individual institutions, it also manages the various affairs of the personnel in the educational  system as a whole, and monitors the quality of their outcomes and needs.


From the above, we conclude that the Centralized Educational Management does not abolish the Decentralized therein! On the contrary, it defines and


clarifies  the  powers  that  must  be  provided  to  the  educational  institutions and  local  administrations,  so  that  they  can  develop  themselves  and  their methods  in  a  manner  consistent  with  the  recent  development  of  the surrounding environment, and in accordance with the general laws and rules imposed by the Central Educational Management in general.


We,   at   the   British   Academy   for   Training   and   Development,   are emphasizing the importance of centralization in the educational process, as it is one of the most significant pillars for the advancement of the society, while  at  the  same  time  we  assure  the  importance  of  clear  and  proper strategic    administrative    planning,    so    that    the    Central    Educational Management   can   enhance   its   institutions   in   line   with   the   prevailing conditions of the modern era.

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