The food pyramid and division meals based on it


The good knowledge of the food pyramid is being gotten by the full knowledge of the right amount of nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins you need to have a good health, without compromising with some of them, some of people are following-up a diet which depends on a protein only, and others are mainly vegetarians, so this is wrong, you should bring together nutrients, and to facilitate it, we will show you a food pyramid divided into six sections, including the foods that contain the same type of nutrients together on each of the food pyramid categories.

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How can I eat healthy food based on the food pyramid?

Let's begin from the bottom of the food pyramid which contains the starchy ingredients and complex carbohydrates like rice, sweet potato and bread. You can daily eat two medium-sized potatoes of mashed potatoes, or half a cup of rice or pasta, and can add a little wheat or oats for breakfast to give more energy.

The next section of the pyramid, which contains vegetables and fruits which provide many important vitamins and minerals which have low-calories, for example, leafy vegetables and citrus fruits contain vitamin C, where you can eat a bowl of lettuce and tomato salad for lunch, as well as Vitamin A in carrots, you can drink about 100 ml of it daily for breakfast, and Vitamin B in bananas and avocados.

The third section of the food pyramid, which contains cheese and milk, which provide the calcium needed for healthy bones and teeth, Calcium is important for your health, especially in certain age or pregnancy stages, but these foods, especially cheese, are full-fat, and contain high saturated fat, In order to comply with the healthy food pyramid, you can select the types of fat-free, or partially non-fat, a cup of 200 ml of milk with 50 g soft and non-fat cheese is enough to mix it with a daily meal that ensures the best healthy diet.

Animal and plant proteins: which should be taken lightly to get a meal full of protein aspects, for a healthy meal, should be eaten lean meat, and removing the excess fat from meat and skin of poultry. In addition to limiting processed meat, the daily ration of this meal is 75 g meat with one egg - preferably the egg at breakfast - can be replaced fish meat once a week.

Fat and oils: Which come in the second section of the food pyramid, some people may think that they do not need oils, but there are oils such as olive oil, which contains unsaturated fats, which help to make the best healthy diet and reduce the risk of cholesterol, because of its role in raising the proportion of the high fat density, which is considered a healthy fat.

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Now we have gotten to the top of the food pyramid, which contains foods and beverages made of fat, sugar and salts in large quantities, such as the industrial chocolate, fast food and French fries, etc., which must be avoided completely to get a healthy food pyramid.

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