Management of community communication in the health institutions



The communication process in health institutions aims to involve all members of society in the industry of events and interact with health institutions and sectors in society. The ability to manage community communication in these institutions works to achieve a state of efficiency and effectiveness and interferes greatly in the management of various units and departments; for natural adaptation to the dynamics of the renewable environment.

The methodology

This course is based on the degree of communication between clients and providers of health services in all health institutions, and the impact on how to effectively manage community communication through these institutions. The main function of health institutions is to provide diagnostic, social, rehabilitation and psychological services through special therapeutic departments, including community assistance services that need community outreach in these health institutions.

Objectives and target group

The Objectives

  • The definition of technical services, where the interaction between the means and methods of technology, and the process of diagnosis and treatment, and other sections and specializations in the field of health.
  • The rapid development of medical sciences and modern technologies necessitates the necessary developments in the expertise and skills of all employees in health institutions.
  • The synchronization between the conduct of social and medical health research, to contribute to the development of medical sciences, as well as work on the development of therapeutic means.
  • The role of community communication management in emphasizing the right of all citizens to enjoy health rights in all countries.
  • Knowledge of the many challenges that health institutions may face in all their forms.
  • Identify the factors that affect health care and their inefficiency in institutions, health and the health sector as a whole.

    This course is provided for the following categories:

    The course will benefit all employees of health institutions and those interested in the health field in all its activities. Including hospital directors (current and former, for the importance of good communication between them and the exchange of experiences in the hospital), nursing staff, heads of departments in hospitals, as well as all those wishing to attend health colleges or participate in voluntary work in the health field.

Course Content

Course content:

  • Diagnose various problems, propose appropriate solutions and implement them properly.
  • Provide guidance and advice on the health field in addition to the various directives that increase the effectiveness of community communication.
  • Contribute to access to the latest global scientific research in the areas of health and benefit from them in health institutions.
  • Exchange of information among all those involved in health work, among health institutions, hospitals etc.
  • Adoption by the Department of WHO standards and their application in health institutions such as hospitals, as available.
  • Preparing educational programs for health services and providing them with awareness through various facilities at the Ministry of Health.
  • The degree of close communication between health services, service providers, and customers.
  • The right of all citizens to receive health services of all categories.
  • Distinguish between different types of health institutions, "governmental institutions" such as public government institutions, specialized government institutions, and "private institutions" such as health advisory institutions and institutions with the names of their owners.

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