The Hidden shopper to monitor the ministry's work mechanisms and ways to deal with the auditors training program


Secret Shopping means the process of substantive review and evaluation of services, procedures,  periodic and confidentiality of the level of performance of the staff within the organizations covered in the study. where a secret shopper is sending acting a different role to what is, in fact, it can be a hidden shopper ordinary citizen the evaluation through the representation of the role of the beneficiary of services and thus evaluate services from a customer perspective. 

shopper Passing many stages that are closely linked to the task goal and the officials within the ministry as well as in the departments he would like to investigate the work being there. this task is done by the ministries, or the companies. 

Objectives and target group

Who should attend? 

  • Involved in the various ministries within the government. 
  • The directors of evaluating the work of the ministry offices within various ministries. 
  • The directors of the Department of management control within the company. 
  • All workers in the development and modernization of the work of the ministry. 
  • All the envoys by the Presidency of the ministry in the framework of the tasks of monitoring the work of the Ministry 


How attendees will benefit? 

After completion of the programme, delegates will : 

  • The mechanisms of work followed by a hidden shopper in order to achieve the basic objective of his visits to the Ministry 
  • Comments observations the hidden shopper should focus on within the work hidden inside the ministry. 
  • How to develop a program of visits to the various offices and dates must pass in its framework. 
  • How to Analyze the results of the evaluation by the shopper and mechanisms proposed solutions before it, which should be reflected in the final report on the recommendations. 
  • Learn how to model work shopper perfect according to the criteria of the invisible. 
  • Know the quality of the objectives that are being targeted in the hidden shopping process. 
  • Learn ways and means the hidden shopping can be done within. 
  • Learn how to measure the extent of the commitment of the branches to provide the service according to prepared specifications. 
  •  Learn how to measure the capacity of the staff member responsible for the provision of the service according to prepared specifications. 

Course Content

  • The role of the hidden shopper in restricting his notes on prime minister through : 
    • Their commitment in the presence within their offices always during official working hours 
    • Dealing urbane in the treatment of senior officials within the Ministry with the services needed by the ordinary citizen
    • Make sure there is equality and justice in dealing by officials within the Ministry with all citizens 
    • Make sure that there is no improper use of authority or the private office of the officials within the ministry. 
    • The role of the shopper in monitoring and recording the observations to the provision of the service by the Ministry  
  • What should the secret shopper write in his reports 
  • The hidden shopper role in services identifying according to priority  
  • The secret hidden visits 
  • How to analyze the visits results  

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