Decision Making Skills & Solving Administrative Problems


This course is provided for people who have a responsibility to identify problems and then to solve those problems in their work and then to engage in the decision-making process to implement these solutions. This course will provide participants with the necessary tools to work in this process in a credible manner and to develop problem identification skills and then evaluate and take decisions that bring value to the organization. The course will also help participants gain practical experience by engaging experts to take advantage of their creativity and develop their creative ideas and then evaluate the feasibility of these ideas through critical thinking processes and linking the possibility of working continuously with others and directing strategies into reality. The decision-making process is at the heart of all administrative work, so this course will benefit individuals who need foundation skills or who need to expand their perspective, think about solutions, make the decisions they make, and the methodologies they apply to make their methods and thinking more creative.

The decision-making process is at the core of all administrative work, so this course will benefit individuals who need foundation skills or need to expand their thinking and thinking in finding solutions and decisions they make and the methodologies they apply to make their methods and thinking more creative.

Management is the process of achieving the goals set by exploiting available resources according to a specific approach and within certain environments, this definition is general and comprehensive and can be applied to individuals and organizations, whether or not that organization is private or public.

This definition includes many elements, including the objectives which are the results to be achieved. This introduces the element of intent and management in the exploitation of resources in order to achieve the desired results, Resources are also important elements of management, including human resources and natural resources such as land and extractions, and the capital supplier in its multiple physical and financial shapes, For a management to be, some resources must be available and the resources are internal environment of the establishment, which can be managed by the organization, are among the elements that must be mentioned in the curriculum and it includes the use of all administrative functions from planning, organizing, controlling and making decisions.

The field of ​​problem solving and decision-making is one of the most important developmental fields that regulate the way people think when facing problems in all aspects of life and personality.

Through this field, the learner trains the scientific methods organized to make decisions and solve problems.

The beginning of the problem with its apparent symptoms and knowledge of the problem identification tools and how to analyze the root methods of the problem by applying different problem analysis tools to reach a more thorough identification of the problem and how to develop appropriate solutions for the ability to To control attracting reasons to be agreed on the best decisions for their application and the development of a working paper for its implementation and follow-up and evaluate their effectiveness.


Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers of all institutions and companies.
  • Heads of departments of management in all companies.
  • All employees are in management departments in institutions.
  • Students of Business Administration Colleges.
  • Graduates of Business Administration Departments.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Engage in the process of creative and critical thinking.
  • Identify problems and find appropriate solutions.
  • Make decisions using innovative methods and methodologies.
  • Apply a balanced methodology to creative thinking and generate an ideal decision-making.
  • Identify an action plan to stimulate creativity and critical thinking to make decisions in the work area of the participants.
  • Recognize the importance of management in the success of the work of companies.
  • Identify recent trends in management.
  • Ability to make management decisions accurately and quickly.
  • Acquire skills in dealing with working groups.

Course Content

  • Different types of thinking.
  • Creativity incentives. How to make decisions.
  • How to define a work plan based on creativity and thinking Criticism to help make decisions.
  • Conduct a comprehensive study of all modern information technology tools and appropriate administrative programs that can contribute to support administrative work and take continents Sound.
  • Definition of Management and its objectives.
  • Problems solving and decisions making.
  • Recent trends in management.
  • Administrative decisions and their relationship in the development of the work of companies.
  • Success strategies in management.
  • How to solve problems in work environments according to recent trends.
  • The relationship of management in other sciences and their close association with them.
  • Management defined and important in the work of successful companies.
  • The qualities to be enjoyed by a successful manager.
  • Successful manager and his ability to solve the problems he may face.
  • Making decisions and their importance in the success of the business of companies.
  • Administrative review and its significant role in decision-making.

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