Handshake style and code of conduct, is one of the most significant types of Social Etiquette, since it reflects the expression of your personality to others, where handshake and greeting style is one of the most important means to increase communication and respect among individuals. Handshake is a way of greeting in all different societies, which is used to express mutual respect between people, Therefore, Proper Handshake can be considered as a matter of consideration between people in all situations, given its strength in influencing elations in the society.

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Rules of Handshake Etiquette

There is a set of Handshake Etiquette Rules, which can be considered common rules in all societies. In this article, we are not going to discuss the Handshake Etiquette Rules according to geographical areas; we rather hereby focus on the most common Handshake Etiquette Rules:

- Standing Handshake: Handshake between two standing people, if one of them is sitting, he/ she shall stand up before shaking hands, to express respect for the other person. So if you are sitting while initiating handsaw with the other, you shall rise before extending your hand, which shows respect and puts you on the same level with the other person.

- Eye Communication: Try to communicate with your eyes, where eye communication is one the most techniques that provide the other with necessary attention and love, therefore eye communication is certainly one of the major Conversation Etiquette rules.

- Gentle Smile: Handshake must be accompanied by a gentle smile between people, which is one of the most effective rules of handshake, so handshake achieves its desired objective, which is to increase respect, communication, and affection. Smile is the best tool to deliver that message.

- Moderation of Handshake: You are not supposed to show a limp hand because it gives the impression of weakness. However, this does not mean you should crush the other person’s hand. Be firm but not too powerful, weak hand shows a non-caring person, while powerful hand shows some sort of aggressive behavior.

- Avoid handshake during food or smoking: Smoker shall stop smoking before shaking hands, as handshake with a cigarette is considered a lack of respect, it may give a reverse message to the intended purpose of handshake.

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Finally, Proper Handshake Etiquette Rules are not limited to the above rules; they include all sorts of behavior that increase acceptance, respect, and mutual communication among individuals, all of such conducts are certainly included in handshake etiquette and rules, which you can learn more about at the British Academy of Training and Development.

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