This course, provided by the British Academy of Training and Development, focuses on writing a press release, being a written statement to the media that includes a set of headlines, including scheduled events, staff promotions, awards, new products and services, sales achievements, Where it can also be used to tell a newspaper story which is considered to be an important element in our society.

Newspapers in all over the world employ the art of portraiture to present the autobiography of prominent and influential people in societies, in order to target readers' human interests, by highlighting the educational certificates obtained by the person, his family, career, and his duties and responsibilities.

When writing a portrait of a particular famous figure, the journalist must review a variety of documents written about him, such as articles and newspaper interviews, as well as making direct contacts with live sources of the relevant public figure, such as a family member or a friend.

Marketing is a set of business processes that include the distribution and sale of services and products, and is defined as a means of regulating the sale of goods by managing the rates and means of advertising and effective communication with potential or current clients. Other definitions of marketing are activities that make people aware of a company's products, and to make sure that these products are available and could be easily and smoothly purchased.

Social media and marketing: Group of online websites which are direct means of marketing which are associated with potential customers, by working on communication of company's information and products within the most effective social networks.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing seeks to achieve many goals, including:

  • Applying marketing activities that include development of public relations, promoting sales, and product distribution.
  • Enhance communication with consumers and provide added value.
  • Promote participation and cooperation between successful companies in the society.
  • Spending funds on advertising, and provide products that contribute to the individuals' needs.

Objectives and target group

People working in the business sector, especially Marketing and Public Relations departments.

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers of companies and enterprises.
  • Personnel in charge of Law Departments in business and commercial firms.
  • Businessmen wishing to develop their legal skills.
  • Employees in the field of legal Management.
  • Students and graduates of faculties of law at various universities.
  • Trainee lawyers.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completing the program, participants will be able to learn:

  • Methods of analyzing and prioritizing a wide range of customer relationships.
  • Strategies used for stakeholder analysis and management.
  • Assessing how to create positive perceptions with the audience.
  • Tools to analyze customer relationships in order to improve your competitive position.
  • The trust, to easily build a network of relationships.
  • Obtain more business through effective management of relationships.
  • Skills to manage customers, when business matters are going in either positive or negative ways.

Course Content

  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • CRM development, CRM strategy objectives, The major 3 aspects of Customer Relationship Management.
  • Hierarchical/ Structural value for CRM.
  • Major pillars and factors of Customer Relationship Management.
  • Solution Map in CRM: Marketing Solutions.
  • Solution Map: Sales Solutions and Analytics
  • The changing role of CRM, and the possible obstables to the sucess of Management.
  • Impact of Internet on CRM.
  • CRM and Globalization.
  • Key CRM training packages.

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£3200 / Member

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£2560 / Member

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£1984 / Member

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