The Fast Closing Monthly and Year-End course is designed to equip finance professionals, accountants, and financial managers with the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently and accurately close financial periods, whether on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Participants will learn best practices, strategies, and techniques to streamline the closing process, ensure financial accuracy, and meet reporting deadlines. This course will help organizations improve financial control, compliance, and decision-making.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend?

  • Finance professionals and managers.
  • Accountants and financial analysts.
  • CFOs and financial controllers.
  • Business owners and executives.


Knowledge and Benefits:


After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following:


  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to streamline the monthly and year-end closing processes, reducing the time required to complete them.
  • Enhanced control over financial data and reduced risk of errors, ensuring financial accuracy and compliance.
  • Proficiency in reconciling accounts and identifying and resolving discrepancies in a timely manner.
  • Competency in reviewing and making necessary accruals and adjustments to financial statements to reflect accurate financial positions.
  • Knowledge of how to consolidate financial data from multiple entities or divisions, ensuring accurate and compliant reporting.
  • Ability to meet tax reporting requirements, comply with industry-specific regulations, and prepare for audits or reviews.
  • Proficiency in creating comprehensive closing checklists and documenting the closing process and decisions.
  • Skills in analyzing the closing process for areas of improvement, implementing feedback and enhancements, and learning from past closing experiences.
  • Specialized knowledge and considerations for efficiently handling year-end closing, including tax implications and audit preparations.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Fast Closing:
    • Understanding the importance of timely financial closing.
    • Key objectives and benefits of fast closing.
    • Overview of the monthly and year-end closing processes.


  • Preparing for the Closing Process:
    • Establishing a well-defined closing calendar and timeline.
    • Roles and responsibilities in the closing process.
    • Gathering and organizing financial data and documentation.


  • Financial Reconciliation:
    • Balancing accounts and reconciling discrepancies.
    • Identifying and addressing errors and anomalies.
    • Streamlining reconciliation through automation.


  • Accruals and Adjustments:
    • Reviewing and making necessary accruals and adjustments.
    • Handling prepayments, deferrals, and amortization.
    • Compliance with accounting standards (e.g., IFRS, GAAP).


  • Closing Subsidiary Ledgers:
    • Closing subsidiary ledgers, such as accounts payable and receivable.
    • Verifying transaction completeness and accuracy.
    • Reconciling intercompany transactions.


  • Consolidation and Financial Statements:
    • Consolidating financial data from multiple entities or divisions.
    • Preparing financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement).
    • Ensuring compliance with reporting standards.


  • Tax and Regulatory Compliance:
    • Meeting tax reporting requirements and deadlines.
    • Complying with industry-specific regulations.
    • Handling audit preparations and inquiries.


  • Closing Checklist and Documentation:
    • Creating a comprehensive closing checklist.
    • Documenting the closing process and decisions.
    • Best practices in recordkeeping and archiving.


  • Year-End Closing Specifics:
    • Special considerations for year-end closing.
    • Addressing tax implications and deferred taxes.
    • Preparing for financial audits and reviews.


  • Post-Closing Activities:
    • Post-closing review and analysis.
    • Distributing financial reports to stakeholders.

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Course Cost

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£3800 / Member

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£3040 / Member

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£2356 / Member

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