Welcome to the SAP Fiori Element Development course! This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop efficient, user-friendly, and responsive applications using SAP Fiori elements. Throughout this course, you will learn how to leverage SAP Fiori elements to create robust applications that adhere to SAP's design principles and offer a delightful user experience.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend?

  • SAP Developers.
  • Application Consultants.
  • SAP Architects.
  • SAP Functional Consultants.
  • IT Managers and Project Managers.
  • Anyone who is interested in improving their capabilities in this field.

Knowledge and Benefits:


After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following:


  • Understand the fundamentals of SAP Fiori and SAP Fiori elements.
  • Explore various SAP Fiori element floorplans and their use cases.
  • Learn how to extend standard SAP Fiori elements applications to meet custom requirements.
  • Master the art of customizing and enhancing SAP Fiori elements applications.
  • Work with OData services and model data for Fiori element applications.
  • Implement advanced features like annotations, annotations extension, and more.
  • Practice responsive design techniques for optimal performance across different devices.
  • Debug and troubleshoot SAP Fiori element applications effectively.
  • Comply with SAP's best practices and design guidelines.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction to SAP Fiori:
    • Understanding the SAP Fiori design principles and user experience.
    • Overview of SAP Fiori architecture and its advantages.
    • Introduction to SAP Fiori Launchpad and navigation concepts.


  • Module 2: SAP Fiori Element Basics:
    • Exploring the different types of SAP Fiori elements.
    • Understanding the role of annotations and metadata in Fiori element applications.
    • Creating a basic SAP Fiori element application from scratch.


  • Module 3: SAP Fiori Element Floorplans:
    • Detailed examination of List Report, Object Page, Overview Page, and Analytical List Page.
    • Choosing the right floorplan based on the application requirements.


  • Module 4: Extending SAP Fiori Element Applications:
    • Extending standard SAP Fiori element applications to add custom functionality.
    • Modifying and enhancing existing Fiori element UIs.


  • Module 5: OData Services and Data Modeling:
    • Working with OData services to fetch and update data.
    • Defining data models for Fiori element applications.


  • Module 6: Advanced Annotations:
    • Exploring advanced annotations to configure Fiori element behavior.
    • Customizing annotations to extend standard Fiori element features.


  • Module 7: Responsive Design and Theming:
    • Implementing responsive design techniques for Fiori element applications.
    • Customizing the theme to match corporate branding.


  • Module 8: Debugging and Troubleshooting:
    • Debugging techniques for Fiori element applications.
    • Common troubleshooting scenarios and how to resolve them.


  • In-depth exploration of customizing and extending the standard Fiori element floorplans beyond the basic settings. This includes handling advanced use cases, configuring additional layout options, and creating custom navigation scenarios.
  • Understanding and utilizing Smart Controls and Smart Templates within SAP Fiori elements to enhance application capabilities and improve user productivity.
  • Advanced data modeling techniques, including complex associations, custom actions, and function imports to handle more sophisticated data scenarios.
  • Techniques for optimizing the performance of SAP Fiori element applications, including minimizing data transfer, using caching mechanisms, and best practices for front-end and back-end optimizations.
  • Implementing offline capabilities in Fiori element applications using Service Workers and local storage for scenarios where users need to work in disconnected environments.
  • Understanding security aspects specific to Fiori element development, including implementing proper access controls, data protection, and secure communication.
  • Integrating Fiori element applications with existing SAP Business Suite or S/4HANA systems, including accessing backend functionality and handling data updates.
  • Strategies for testing SAP Fiori element applications, including unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing. Also, covering best practices for quality assurance in Fiori element development projects.
  • Creating custom themes and branding to give Fiori element applications a unique and cohesive look and feel that aligns with the organization's branding guidelines.
  • Going beyond basic debugging and learning how to identify and resolve complex issues in Fiori element applications.
  • Understanding the deployment options for Fiori element applications and managing the application lifecycle, including versioning and updates.
  • Adhering to SAP Fiori element development best practices.
  • Complying with SAP's design guidelines for a consistent user experience.
  • Hands-on projects, including creating custom Fiori element applications, extending existing apps, and applying advanced annotations.

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£3680 / Member

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£2852 / Member

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