The Modern Strategies for Public Relations and Media


The Public Relations Department can be defined as the body that has the responsibility to connect institutions and their external audiences by finding ways to create a common or shared communication between these parties in order to achieve common satisfaction and common interestsIt  reflect the efficiency of its procedures and market laws, and there is a need for teams to supervise this branch, because it is an art in itself, which is built on a set of foundations and criteria that achieve the desired objectives of its existence, Through the acquisition of civilized ways to deal with others and communicate properly under the system of ethical and social standards and valuesThe communication process in public relations is based on the transfer of information to the concerned parties and the reception of important information, with the aim of bringing about the specific change and the variety of means of communication that meet this purpose. 

The British Academy for Training and Development offers the course of the modern strategies of public relations and media  for anyone who wants to acquire significant international media management skills and to learn communication technology in public relations management. 

Objectives and target group

Who should attend? 

  • Directors in charge of reception in ministries and dealing with external entities. 
  • Businessmen wishing to develop their skills in managing the media. 
  • Ministries consultants. 
  • Representatives of embassies and ministries. 
  • Senior positions in the Public Relations and Information Department. 
  • Speakers and spokespersons of ministries. 
  • Heads of departments in government and private institutions 
  • Public relations and media consultants. 


How attendees will benefit? 

After completion of the programme, delegates will be able to: 

  • Identify rules of precedence between people. 
  • Knowledge of the international rules of attituding, introduction and handshake. 
  • Acquaintance with the international arts of etiquette and body language at official events. 
  • Acquiring skills in managing public relations departments in companies and media organizations. 
  • Acquiring the skills of the successful representative of the ministry, communication methods and the art of dealing with the masses. 
  • Streamline procedures, improve regulatory environment and rationalize organizational conflict. 
  • Acquiring public relations skills in upgrading media organizations 

Course Content

  • Introduction to public relations and media
    • The concept of public relations and its development
    • The importance of media in the modern era
    • The role of public relations in building a positive image of institutions
  • Strategies for building public relations
    • Audience analysis and target audience identification
    • Develop effective public relations messages
    • Using social media to build public relations
  • Media marketing
    • The concept of media marketing and its objectives
    • Modern media marketing strategies
    • The role of media marketing in enhancing public relations
  • Crisis management and communication in difficult times
    • Identify types of crises and emergency preparations
    • Crisis management through modern media
    • Building confidence and rebuilding the image after crises
  • Measuring the performance of public relations and media
    • Tools for measuring public relations performance
    • Analyzing data and extracting value from the results
    • Develop future strategies based on evaluation and analysis
  • The leadership role of public relations and media
    • The role of leadership in developing public relations strategies
    • Innovation and development in the field of public relations and media
    • Building trust and interacting with the public through strong leadership
  • Case studies and practical application
    • Analyze case studies of successful strategies in public relations and media
    • Applying the studied methods and techniques to practical projects

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2356 / Member

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