Business Information Management Systems (BIMS)


The British Academy for Training and Development provides a training course on Business information management systems (BIMS) to anyone who wishes to know more about information systems, how to manage them, maintain their confidentiality, and not to expose such information to any risk.


Information management does not mean systems or technologies, as is the case with Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT). On the contrary, it is a set of activities, processes and practices aiming to achieve efficiency in the institution. The interest in information management has increased recently, due to the great auditing of information on the Internet and modern means of communication. This forced companies and institutions to find appropriate ways and means to organize and process it in order to re-use it in decision-making and predicting in the future steps concerning management affairs of the company operations. The information to be managed by any institution includes both the electronic and non-electronic information. The organizational structure of the organization must be able to manage and process all phases of the information lifecycle, regardless of their source, nature, and the information that resulted from DATA processing, which turns to knowledge once mixed with the experience of the recipient and his skills. Consequently, information is the base of knowledge. In addition, knowledge is the base and the first step in order to reach wisdom and rightness.


Information Security (IS) is the system used to secure the data transmitted via networks. In the technological development age and the prevailing different means of information storage and exchange; i.e. information transmission on networks and from website to another, it has become important to consider and observe information and data security. Information security is the science applied to provide great and adequate protection of information against any risks which may threaten or damage it through the tools and means required to protect information against internal or external risks. All standards and procedures taken to prevent having access to information by persons who are not allowed to access them through communications are used to ensure the authenticity and correctness of these communications. All techniques used in the world cannot be executed without Information Security (IS).

Objectives and target group

  • Establishments owners and managers who wish to develop their
  • Offices and enterprises
  • Managers and owners of economic and commercial
  • Managers of state
  • Chiefs of special sections in maintaining the confidentiality of
  • Employees working in organizations using software
  • Corporate managers who want to make a special information work for their
  • Managers of software and technology departments in software
  • Computer and software department supervisors in IT
  • Software department supervisors who want to develop their
  • All employees in technical

By the end of the Course, participants will recognize:


  • Identifying all business Information Management Systems (BIMS).
  • Sufficient experience in dealing with applications and programs that support information systems.
  • Maintain information confidentiality and not exposing it to any

Course Content

  • Business Information systems management Definition and
  • Confidentiality of information security
  • Business Information Systems definition and
  • Method of Information Systems engineering and
  • Management Strategies of confidential information
  • Keeping confidentiality and security of information.
  • Information Security Management (ISM); their definition &
  • Method of access protection systems
  • Smart Cards and their importance regarding Information Security (IS).
  • The scientific and methodological definition of information
  • Mastering the most famous ways and methods in managing information
  • Deep study of the most advanced features of information systems to connect to successful companies.
  • Engaging technology in the protection of

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£2560 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£1984 / Member

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