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Course of Advanced Program on Operations and Comprehensive Security Predictions


The prediction of the security operation system constitutes the general framework under which the crisis can be handled, which means the predetermination of what shall be undertaken, how to undertake it, when, and who will be charged to undertake it. In this sense, planning is often associated with crisis facts, perceptions of its future conditions, incidents expectation, and preparation for emergencies and construction of a scenario of successions of the activities and works that ensure addressing the crisis as efficiently as possible. As a result, the security prediction became an urgent need and an indispensable element in the security operations, yet it assumed a priority in the security and administrative operation particularly in the security conditions that never settled or stopped. Accordingly, randomness constitutes no longer a foundation to the security agency. Yet, incident prediction and its prevention from the moment of its appearance are better than waiting it till it occurred and being addressed.

Objectives and target group

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completing the program, participants will be able to learn:

. Being aware of the prediction operation and planning to face the potential crisis.. .Knowing how to deal with the potential risks and crisis as efficiently and effectively as possible.
. Knowing how the management is capable of dealing with the security crisis in a systematic manner and with making a full use of energy and available resources to ensure the organization continuity to perform its duties during facing the crisis.
. The significance of planning operation regarding the security crisis management.
.  The conditions for the success of the operations of facing the security crisis perfectly.
. How to facilitate the operations and their ways after clarifying the obstacles and then facing them.

Course Content

  1. The concept of security prediction operation.
  2. The key components of sound plans.
  3. The key plans for managing the security crisis.
  4. The prediction of security crisis and disasters.
  5. Scenarios of security crisis management.
  6. Practical applications of security crisis scenarios.
  7. The organization in the security crisis management.
  8. The management of the military and security prediction operation.
  9. The prediction of some future indicators of the security state.
  10. Statistics has a significant role in the prediction field.
  11. Concluding the effectiveness of control actions and the efficiency of the control agencies.
  12. The significance of forming modern administrations for automatic statistics.
  13. Obtaining the needed information for planning and making decisions.
  14. The security scientific researches for benefiting from the specialized experiences.
  15. The researches of operations and communications and other specialties.
  16. The prediction of security incidents and establishment of scientific plans for the operations.
  17. Crime control and study of modern criminal methods.
  18. An effective system of information that uses computer technology.
  19. The significance of security prediction in the work field and problems solving before their occurrence or reducing them through emergency plans.
  20. The methods of industrial security prediction.
  21. The security statistics role in the future security expectation.
  22. Qualifying security men (occupational, training, and cultural).

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