Total Quality Management Course in Hospitals and Health Institutions


The overall quality standards are the standard indicators and they are the basis of measurement. It is also a basis for planning and change. Its objectives include ensuring the objectivity and seriousness of the evaluation through objective choices, self-monitoring and the effectiveness of the reports as well as to achieve human development in medical institutions, as it is an incentive that develops the abilities of the employees and drives them to improve performance and reduce work and effort where extended processes disappear and the thematic processes associated with specific criteria appears. Quality management is based on the administrative bases in identifying the objectives and determining the main areas of performance. It also determines its methods according to international, global and local standards, as the institutional criteria for the performance evaluation institution and these include administrative principles, such as medical administrative integration, participation, time, inclusiveness and clarity.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers a comprehensive quality management course in hospitals and health institutions. The TQM system is applied in hospitals to anyone who wants to develop himself in this field.

Who should attend?

Quality managers and staff at medical centers.

Directors of medical centers.

Effective management in quality application.

How attendees will benefit?

Objectives To determine the framework of the relative relationship between the existing and targeted conditions of the medical institution as an integrated unit.

How to develop standard criteria and indicators that are not limited to use norms as standard indicators in different stages of operations.

Know the administrative bases for quality that take care of the evaluation process, after evaluation, which includes taking decisions and corrective actions in light of the identified deviations.

How to balance the measurement of actual performance and measure the expected performance of a medical institution

Course Content

Course Content:

Principles and basics of total quality.

Administrative component in the management of hospital services.

Definition of quality.

Assessing performance in institutions and health business organizations.


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