Legal Skills for Non Legal Professionals


The British Academy for Training and Development present this training course in (Legal Skills for Non-Legal Professionals), for those who wish to acquire further skills in the management of legal affairs and to know better the secrets and various aspects of this sector.

Law is a social science focuses primarily on human conditions, situations, rights, behavior, actions and reactions, the subject of this sector contains a huge variety of contents. Manager or Legal Officer is the independent corporate auditor, being the person who provides legal advice to the management, who is also the link between management and staff, and should be keen to apply the rules and procedure of companies, and the regulation of sanctions. Not every legal advice required by persons for a particular case is actually a legal consultation. Rather, specific legal situations require recourse to specialized legal advisors in order to express their opinion in impartial manners free from personal emotions. Legal advice shall be fully Impartial, since counselors shall present their opinion without any tendencies to any of the parties of the conflict. Rather, the case must be studied from all perspectives in order to give the right judgment.

Law is also considered a sort of Art, but it is a difficult and complex art. Therefore, the definitions of Law are flexible and include a wide variety of views, perspectives, and exceptions, unlike experimental sciences such as chemistry and physics, since law is a set of rules of conduct that allows and defines relations and rights between people, organizations and reciprocal relations between individuals and the government, in addition to sanctions for those who do not abide by the established rules of law.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers and Directors of Companies and Enterprises.
  • Personnel in charge of Law Departments in business and commercial firms.
  • Directors of Legal Departments and Legal Affairs in various companies and enterprises.
  • Managers of companies and enterprises.
  • Businessmen wishing to develop their legal skills.
  • Employees in the field of legal Management.
  • Students and graduates of faculties of law at various universities.
  • Trainee lawyers.

After completing the program, trainees will be able to master the following topics:

  • Providing trainees with the basic legal priciples and information.
  • Developing trainees' skills and abilities to properly deal with legal functions.
  • Full knowledge of all legal branches in practical and scientific terms.
  • The ability to practice discipline procedures in public positions.
  • Full knowledge of discipline procedures available and enforceable against public officers.
  • Acquiring advanced skills in dealing with the judicial authorities and knowing their authorities.
  • Full knowledge of Social Insurance provisions and procedures in an integrated legal form.
  • Full knowledge of all legal branches in practical and scientific terms.
  • Acquire advanced experience in Legal Formulation of Contracts and Administrative Resolutions.
  • Full knowledge of Legal Formulation of Employment Contracts.
  • Understanding the    significant    role    of    proper    and    accurate determination of contract specifications, throughout the procurement cycle.
  • To assess the legal importance of contract specifications, besides the strategic significance of the "Invitation to tenders" process.

Course Content

  • Methods to prepare legal studies and advices.
  • Skills and competencies of legal drafting.
  • Origins of Legal Interpretation.
  • Applications and Examples in Writing Legal Memos.
  • Skills and Methods of Lawsuit Legal Drafting for legal purposes.
  • Stages and Mechanisms for preparation of Legal Advice.
  • Extensive study of legal sciences.
  • Contract preparation and conclusion skills.
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution skills.
  • Persuasion & Negotiation skills.
  • Formulation of Documents, Memos, Statements, and Legal Memoranda of various types.
  • Writing contract   specifications   and   procurement   processes   and analyzing the same.
  • The legal importance of contractual specifications, and their relation to the process "Invitation to tender".
  • The doubtful and deficient descriptive specifications.
  • Different types of specifications and the related risks.
  • The impact of language on the meanings of contractual articles and legal conditions.

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2356 / Member

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