Making of Successful Contracts to obtain Products & Supplies


The management of the supply chain in art and science at the same time is the management of the flow of goods and services. It includes the management of the movement and storage of raw materials, finished products or semi-finished products and inventory completely from the starting point of any origin to the consumption area. The Logistics Department Or as the management of the processing chain is the organizational and strategic coordination of normal business functions and planning for these functions within the company and through interrelated business within the supply chain in order to improve the long-term performance of companies individually or as a tool for Overall, supply chain management is to manage the relationships between suppliers and customers and their participants in this chain, such as the emerging chain between the wholesaler and the retailer.

The aim of the course is to introduce the participants to the procurement activities in the warehouses and to identify the modern methods in the management of stores and apply the latest methods in inventory control. It aims to develop the skills of the participants in the internal planning processes of the stores with a review of problems and ways to address them, And the development of policies and methods for the disposal of goods and stagnant materials in the warehouses of institutions and organizations.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers and Directors of Companies and Enterprises.
  • Personnel in charge of Law Departments in business and commercial firms.
  • Directors of Legal Departments and Legal Affairs in various companies and enterprises.
  • Law Officers.
  • Managers of companies and enterprises.
  • Businessmen wishing to develop their legal skills.
  • Employees in the field of legal Management.
  • Students and graduates of faculties of law at various universities.
  • Trainee lawyers.

After completing the program, trainees will be able to master the following topics:

  • Provide legal opinions on legal matters and affairs referred to them.
  • Studying various types of cases and memoranda of legal nature.
  • Characteristics and Concepts of Laws and Regulations.
  • Types and Divisions of Laws, and the subjected persons under each law.
  • Types and Classifications of legislation.
  • Preparation and Drafting of Legal Memos and Statements.
  • Formulation of Administrative Resolutions and Memoranda.
  • Acquisition of advanced experience in writing and preparation of contracts.
  • The ability to conclude contracts and write legal notes.

Course Content

Purchasing Lead Management:

  • Meaning, Value and Stages of Organizing the Strategic Purchase Process.
  • Importance of Purchasing Management to solve purchasing problems.
  • Determine the appropriate purchase contract.
  • Definition of supply chains.
  • Importance of supply chains in economic operations.
  • How to reduce expenditures through supply chains.
  • Applications and Examples in Writing Legal Memos.
  • Skills and Methods of Lawsuit Legal Drafting for legal purposes.
  • Stages and Mechanisms for preparation of Legal Advice.
  • Extensive study of legal sciences.
  • Contract preparation and conclusion skills.
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution skills.
  • Persuasion & Negotiation skills.
  • Formulation of Documents, Memos, Statements, and Legal Memoranda of various types.

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Course Cost

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£2900 / Member

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£2320 / Member

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£1885 / Member

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