Course of Security Supervision and Inspection


Security supervision is a term that concerns with the problems and damages faced by the workers within the working environment and knowing proper solutions for them. That's because this course deals with the accidents that may happen to the workers and the ways to be prevented and addressed in the case of occurrence.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development presents this course for the following audience:

This course is offered for all industrial security workers and the owners of the facilities and enterprises.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completing the program, participants will be able to learn:

. Acquiring the necessary skills for facing the problems and accidents being occurred within the working environment and the performance constraints.
. Training the individuals for the new security supervision.
. Empowering the individuals to fulfill his duties competently.
. Providing the security men with the necessary ways to protect the facility.
. Reaching advanced methods to secure the facility.
. Planning and training for security and safety.

Course Content

. Modern and old meaning of security and safety and its impact on the work.
. Inspection skills and security control.
. Reaching acceptable loss in the security supervision.
. Ways of command and control.
. Defining the accidents.
. Accidents causes.
. Necessary technological means for security and safety before and during the accidents.
. Mission classifications for security and safety.
. Artworks- administrative works- engineering works.
. Selecting proper security systems.
. Foundations of security and safety.
. Characteristics required for the security supervisor.
. The role performed by the security chief.
. Means of managing the security operations.
. Individuals' behaviors and their relation with psychology.
. Means of security command and control.
. How to evaluate the security performance, control roles, and disciplinary means.
. Organizing clear plans for emergency.
. Required insurance within and outside the facility.
. Allocating the security work according to the qualities and characteristics of every individual.
. Preparing schedules to distribute periodicals and organize various works.
. Protecting the places surrounding the facility.
. Process of setting up emergency plan in the facility.
. Actual implementation of the security plans and the existence of warning systems and continuous surveillance.

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Course Cost

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£3300 / Member

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£2640 / Member

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£2145 / Member

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