This course offers to all those who wish to learn the skills of accounting auditing and internal auditing, evaluating and monitoring the activities of the company and managing the internal auditing offices of large companies.

Internal audit is one of the most important administrative and executive functions recently created among large companies that aspire to continuously improve their position. Internal audit is a means of internal accounting within the company. The supervisors conduct comprehensive monitoring of all administrative activities, operational projects and the work and evaluation of the employees.

Scope of work extend to the accounts and invoices that were paid or issued during that period through the preparation of accurate and comprehensive statistics for the full costs and general expenses in order to ascertain the general status of the company and the development paths within the company.

The aim of the course is to introduce the participants to the procurement activities in the warehouses and to identify the modern methods in the management of stores and apply the latest methods in inventory control. It aims to develop the skills of the participants in the internal planning processes of the stores with a review of problems and ways to address them, And the development of policies and methods for the disposal of goods and stagnant materials in the warehouses of institutions and organizations.

There is no doubt that the preliminary study of law, legal procedures, and contracting & bidding conditions, is substantial for modern students of law, since legal studies, are like other sciences, since they all have their own specific technical terms. With the progress of business nature & implications, and the vast development thereof, the emergence of official legal authorities, and the change occurred on the organizational concepts at the level of countries and institutions, in addition to the ongoing changes in the volume of business and the ongoing changes, there emerged the urgent need to have the regulation over the first business engine of any economy around the world, which is  procurement and bidding process, in order to ensure that neither party –employer or contractor- is in breach of the agreed terms & conditions. Hence, a wide variety of legislations and laws have been put in place to regulate the business process in terms of contractual and bidding duties and rights, to keep interests of both parties. Contracting Agreements passes through various stages, including the pilot phase through which ensure abilities possessed by contractors, as well as to ensure integrity of the work environment, and the second stage is the stage of confirmation.


Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers and Owners of companies and facilities.
  • Managers and Owners of commercial, industrial, banking and service institutions.
  • Managers of internal audit in companies.
  • All employees in internal audit in companies.
  • All employees in the field of monitoring, analyzing and improving the status of companies.
  • All students and academics interested in internal audit.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Concept of auditing and internal audit.
  • Methods and Ways of internal audit practices.
  • Scope of work within the internal audit offices.
  • Skills of evaluating practices of the employees.

Course Content

  • Financial accounting skills.
  • Internal audit and financial accounting audit skills.
  • Follow up skills and activities of the company.
  • Planning and analysis skills.
  • Skills of monitoring accounts, financial records and expenses.
  • The Concepts of Legal Management.
  • Legal Provisions: Definition, Interpretation, and Importance thereof.
  • Origins of Legal Interpretation.
  • Writing contract   specifications   and   procurement   processes   and analyzing the same.
  • The legal importance of contractual specifications, and their relation to the process "Invitation to tender".
  • The doubtful and deficient descriptive specifications.
  • Different types of specifications and the related risks.
  • The impact of language on the meanings of contractual articles and legal conditions.
  • Applications and Examples in Writing Legal Memos.
  • Skills and Methods of Lawsuit Legal Drafting for legal purposes.
  • Stages and Mechanisms for preparation of Legal Advice.
  • Extensive study of legal sciences.
  • Contract preparation and conclusion skills.
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution skills.
  • Persuasion & Negotiation skills.
  • Formulation of Documents, Memos, Statements, and Legal Memoranda of various types.

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Course Cost

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£3800 / Member

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£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2470 / Member

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