London, 2020-05-30

Course Of Modern Administrative Methods Of Administrative Assistant


The British Academy for Training and Development offers a course of modern management techniques for the administrative assistant. This course is intended for anyone who wishes to acquire the skills and experience to become the administrative assistant.

The administrative assistant is the broad function that calls for the appointment of a person who provides various types of administrative support to individuals and groups in commercial companies. The term administrative assistant may be officially named or a general description of the position of an employee in an office and depending on the type of work performed by the person. There are many variations to descriptions that fall under this role or function. Staffs are provided with the name of an administrative assistant who works to support specific departments or teams in companies such as human resources, accounting, development, sales and marketing. Provides support to all corporate executives or small executive groups. Its responsibilities typically include working on personal information in the company and more personal or sensitive data than other employees.

Objectives and target group

Objectives and target group

This course is provided for the following categories:

* Heads of Administrative Departments.

* Reception staff and secretary.

* Project Assistants.

* Personal Assistant for Managers.

* All staff in the control sections.

* Business School Students in Universities.

How participants will benefit from the course:

After completion of the Course program, trainees will be able to master the following:

  • Stimulate and develop the skills of all participants in order to exercise the function of administrative assistant.
  • Acquiring expertise in the field of secretarial work.
  • Provide participants with the full knowledge and basic concepts of modern administrative archiving.
  • Research and identify key data sources.
  • Multi-faceted general desktop support performance.
  • Sending and receiving companies forms.
  • Schedule and coordinate meetings, interviews, events and other similar activities.
Course Content

Program Content:

  • Administrative assistance is defined and important.
  • Modern methods in the function of administrative assistant.
  • Types of administrative assistant.
  • Functions occupied by the Administrative Assistant.
  • The duties of the Administrative Assistant.
  • The importance of the administrative assistant for the success of the work of companies.
  • Decision-making skills for administrative assistant and office managers.
  • Report writing skills.
  • Modern skills in archiving.
  • Modern electronic archiving using the available programs.
  • Mechanisms of modern communication and making them reliable means.
  • Shift from the paper secretary to digital secretary.
  • Skills of managing secretarial staff through computer.
  • Control via technology.
  • Mechanisms of using remote control with electronic archiving.