London, 2020-07-11

Comprehensive Strategic Planning


Leadership bears wide responsibilities and a variety of burdens imposed by the challenges of successive change in the era of globalization, communications revolution and Internet sovereignty that have begun and will not end، Together, these factors lead to the need to verify the readiness and ability of the Executive Leader to deal with these strategic stamp challenges and employ them to serve the purposes, objectives and objectives of the institutions and achieve their mission.

These challenges and their magnitude confirm a reality that management experts can not disagree with and accept Directors at all executive levels and their summary that presidents and senior managers and executives are exposed in the era of globalization to new challenges and difficulties that require new qualifications commensurate with the magnitude of the responsibility placed on them to build institutions strong and capable of Meet, promote, grow and reach prosperity.

Leadership is essentially dealing with motivations and thoughts, and is closely related to the ability to influence and force Leadership also relates to ethics and the ability to change. Leadership is political art. It involves the ability to change the minds and hearts of others and to create a spirit of loyalty and belonging, Good management works to control and control the complexities of work, while effective leadership seeks to make meaningful change, effective management and effective leadership are necessary skills, leadership completes management but does not replace it, leadership is responsible for setting direction while management is responsible for planning and Budget preparation.

Objectives and target group

This course is provided for the following categories:

  • Managers of all companies and institutions.
  • Heads of Administrative Departments.
  • All staff are in the driving departments.
  • Business School students in all faculties
  • Managers and owners of government and private companies.
  • Managers of the offices of management, supervision and follow-up.
  • Managers of development and modernization offices in companies.
  • All employees draw strategic plans for companies.
  • All employees in administrative and executive departments within the company.
  • All employees in leadership offices of the company.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Choose strategies that will enhance the competitive position of enterprises and give them the flexibility and ability to grow continuously
  • Gain experience through intensive workshops.
  • Develop leaders' ideas in implementing plans.
  • Gain experience in strategic planning.
  • Gain significant management experience.
  • Recognize leadership practices.
  • Ability to innovate, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Acquire leadership skills in working groups.
Course Content
  • The contemporary concept of strategic leadership.
  • Challenges and opportunities for executive leaders.
  • The importance and role of the leader in the strategic planning process.
  • Leader qualities and features that you should enjoy.
  • Strategic planning methodology.
  • Components of the Strategic Plan.
  • Determine the strategic directions.
  • Formulation of common values ​​and concepts.
  • Concepts and concepts of strategic alternatives.
  • Implementation of strategy and performance management.
  • How to develop long-term strategic plans for the future of the company.
  • Follow up steps and general supervision of the work of all departments and register problems and develop solutions to improve the overall performance in administrative work.
  • Conduct a comprehensive study of all modern information technology means and appropriate administrative programs that can contribute to support administrative work.
  • The methods of gaining the loyalty of employees in all sections of the company to improve the teamwork of the company.
  • Special strategic skills in the organization and planning of the company.