London, 2020-07-11

Neo Classical Realism Theory


The British Academy for Training and Development present this training course in Neo Classical Realism Theory, which represents one of the major theories of International Relations, which is also deemed as a wide field of study for scientists wishing to complete their specialization in International Relations.

There are many theories considering International Relations aspects. The Neo Classical Realism Theory is one of the most striking and most appropriate methods for the new global political order. It allows scientists to properly consider and interpret comprehensive perspectives of events, with an understanding of international transactions, while defining interactions among countries.

International Relations are based on solid connections and mutual interdependence between countries. Each state considers only its own strength and security because it is in a system based on self-defense. It seeks prestige among other states in the universal political regime, especially the independence of its decision, based on the compatibility of interests between countries. Modern International Economic Relations have widely changed in line with the vast modern alteration of the world order, so that every economic entity is largely integrated and interconnected with others in the global economic system

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Students of International Relations and Political Science.
  • New personnel in foreign ministries and international relations departments.
  • All new personnel and officials in the Diplomatic Sector.
  • Formal Officers in charge of International Agreements.
  • Directors of International Relations Offices.
  • Students and graduates of colleges and institutes of Political Science and International Relations.
  • New professionals in the specialized entities working in the field of International Relations, including Embassies, Consulates and Ministries.
  • Graduates of University Economic Departments.
  • Graduates of International Relations.
  • Staff in international organizations.
  • Employees of government institutions related to economic functions.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • The relationship between Realism and Classical Realism and the difference between them.
  • Leading pioneers of Neo Classical Realism Theory.
  • The Main Principles of Neo Classical Realism Theory.
  • Applications of the Theory of Realism on current global situations.
  • Historical Stages of development of International Relations as a concept and independent political science.
  • Basic and Subsidiary Entities in International Relations.
  • Topics and Branches of International Relations and International Law.
  • Relations between foreign and international policies, and international relations.
Course Content
  • The concept of International Relations.
  • Definitions of International Relations through history.
  • Factors Affecting International Relations.
  • Development of international relations as a concept and independent political science.
  • Theories and Factors affecting International Relations.
  • International Organizations.
  • Classical Realism Theory.
  • Neo Realism Theory.
  • Defensive Realism Theory.
  • International Regime.
  • The Balance of Power.