Training course in the management of modern medical records


The medical records have received special attention in hospital management; this field has become completely separate and has many advantages and branches, this medical record generally is the first source of information that doctor needs to make the appropriate decision, Therefore, an accurate record shall be available to provide appropriate patient care.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers a training course in the management of modern medical records and patient files through information networks that provide easier communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Who should attend?

* Main staff in health centers (doctors / doctor’s assistants / nurses / paramedics).

* Staff in the Department of Patient Affairs within the centers.

How participants will benefit from the training course in the management if modern medical records:

How attendees will benefit?

* Knowledge of modern techniques used in the management of medical records.

* Knowledge of regulations in the medical record.

* How to index, classify, and categorize diseases.

* The connection between medical records and the economic and administrative objectives of the health care center.

Course Content

* The history and evolution of medical records over time.

* Medical records features.

* Electronic Medical Record.

* Challenges facing the medical records management.

Course Date





Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£3250 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2600 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2112.5 / Member

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