Modern methods of planning and management in light of global and local crises.


Our world currently is facing a number of political, economic and health crises which require using other means and methods in the various fields of management which primarily focus on survival and how turn weak points into strengths to achieve prosperity, success and competition. Through this training course you will learn about the needed methods and procedures to overcome all of those issues and the techniques you will need to review and reproduce the required strategies to face current crises. In addition to that you will have the opportunity to identify new and unconventional mechanisms for detecting, predicting and trying to limit dangers before and during the crisis.

We at The British Academy for Training and Development, London are aspiring to teach the participants management and leadership tools to protect companies and maintain their stability in the light of current conditions. As you know, management is like the heart of the firm if it collapses or some kind of a defect occurs it will affect the entire institutional body, that's why we strive to enable our participants to identify and learn about the proper management procedures in unstable conditions and that of course by the help of our experts and qualified trainers.


Objectives and target group

Objectives and target group
The target group:
- Mangers and departments heads.
- Board members who have leadership duties.
- Employees in senior departments, planning and human recourses directors.
- Directors of risk management.
- Identify modern planning methods and the mechanisms for implementing procedures and the required means for crisis management.
- Identify the techniques of forming work group Which works in the light of specific strategies and policies.
- Identify regulatory mechanisms and their benefits in creating a good administrative process.
- Identify the modern methods of collecting reliable information and the ability to analyze it in order to provide administrative experts with the needed data to make good decisions.
- Introducing the participants to the common obstacles and hurdles that face the management during unstable conditions.
- Identify the mechanisms of decision-making which comes after prior and successful planning and in the light of reliable data.
- Identify the basics of emergency services in times of crisis.
- The ability to read the big picture of the current situation properly and planning for what comes after the crisis.
- Identify modern leadership mechanisms during unstable conditions.

Course Content

The needed tools and readings before the crisis in institutions.
- Full understanding of crisis and how to manage them.
- Full understanding of the risks that face companies and institutions nowadays.
- The roles and responsibilities of the those in charge of managing crises and how to avoid them.
- Successful Leadership behaviors and strategies.
- Full understanding of the change curve and group thinking.
- Prior planning and what to take into consideration.
- Case studies to illustrate why some companies fail while others survive the crisis.
-Improving and developing contingency plans for crisis management and communications.
- Improving and implementing business continuity management strategy.
- operational, tactical and strategic and mechanisms.

- managing the crisis scene and the keys for success.
- Reputation management strategy, media management.
- Press conference and its role in disseminating instructions and the required procedures to conduct TV interviews.
- Crisis communication strategy.
- A simulation for important incidents, workshop.
- lift employees spirits and improve their confidence in the modern administrative process.
- check the validity of plans and procedures.
-Daily, weekly and monthly evaluation and its role in successful plans.
- Making recommendations and execute them.
- Case studies of company management in the light of COVID19 crisis and how do we learn from others?

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