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Course in How to Prevent Fires and Advanced Fire-Fighting Techniques


This course focuses on learning the means of fire prevention and the technical methods for fire-fighting, and being aware about the causes of the fires as it's quite possible that there are specific materials that would result in fire occurrence. Therefore, this course enables the participants to be familiarized with these flammable materials and how to prevent their hazards. In addition, this course presents a detailed knowledge about the fire-fight means and its negative impact reduction.

Objectives and target group

For whom this Course is offered?
This course is provided for the specialists of the occupational safety and the public safety inside the facilities and the organizations. It's also provided for every facility owner or manager in order to acquire the scientific knowledge of the preventive methods and precautionary measures that he should follow inside his facility for preserving the safety of his facility.

Course Content

Course Objectives:

. Being aware of the requirements of sound management systems and practical security inside the vital premises.
. Helping the participants to recognize the advanced definition of the security safety and the fire preventive safety that may happen within the workflow.
. Recognizing the damages caused by the misusage of the machines.
. Knowing the electricity effect and the damages that have been resulted in.
. Recognizing the materials that produce hazardous radiation.
. The chemical hazardous effect.
. Gas effect.
. Fire classifications and its causes.
. Modern rescue means.
. Warning technology in the vital premises.
. Methods of carrying the damaging materials efficiently without causing damages.
. Technology of the disclosure of fire development and resistance methods.
. The advanced systems of fire warning and its causes.
. How to calculate and design the warning systems in the vital premises.
. The comparative analyze systems.
 . Concrete and primitive systems.
. Methods of using the hazardous materials and means of their composition.
. The latest advanced systems for disclosing the explosive materials and the method of its handling and its damage prevention.
. An advanced technology in building the vital premises in order to prevent fires.
.  Definition of the non-flammable materials.
.  Means of replacing the flammable materials into other ones.
. Designing anti-fire buildings.
. Techniques of accidents prevention.
.  Methods of risk control.
. The capacity to investigate the injuries resulting from the work.
.  The capacity to execute the reports on the industrial security inside the vital premises.
. Methods of premises protection and resistance of vandalism and rioting acts.
. Conducting regular patrols and establishing plans to secure the vital premises.
. Preparing plans for the sudden conditions.
. Executing workshops for the management.
. The advanced concepts and their relation with the management of the risks resulting from the fires and explosion.
. Benefitting from the previous problems.

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