Short professional diploma in Marketing


The British Academy for Training and Development offers a Marketing Diploma in light of the great crowding in the global, regional, and local markets with many similar and alternative goods and services in all areas of life, whether academic, economic, social, cosmetic, or even health and many other fields. It is an urgent necessity that cannot be dispensed with or work and achieve the required goals without taking care of this important administrative aspect, hence the importance of marketing as a tool and a basic pillar for success and maximizing profits and achieving all goals near and long term. Marketing is the art of selling, and the way products and services are presented in a way Attracts the attention of consumers and customers, and leads to attracting new customers to the good or service in the marketing sector.

Objectives and target group

Who should attend? 

  • All owners of small and medium enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurs in all fields of profit.
  • Managers in the Marketing and Sales Department.
  • All those responsible for marketing in non-profit organizations.
  • Sales, Marketing or Customer Service Specialist.

How attendees will benefit? 

After completion of the course, delegates will know: 

  • Work to qualify participants theoretically and practically in the field of marketing and provide them with the most necessary skills in line with the philosophy of the modern marketing concept in the labour market.
  • Enable participants to master the processes of preparing, implementing and controlling various marketing plans
  • Develop participants' skills and abilities to plan, implement and control sales operations.
  • Enriching the participants' outcome with information on the local market and ways to provide the most appropriate marketing mix.
  • Enable the participants to develop effective communication plans, which include advertising campaigns, public relations, and others.

Course Content

  • Modern marketing models
    • Modern Marketing Concepts
    • Integrated marketing mix model
    • Product
    • Place & Distribution
    • Price
    • Promotion
    • Process
    • Physical Evidence
    • People
    • Quality & Productivity
  • The most important practical secrets of the success or failure of marketing in the implementation stage
    • Service Marketing Models
    • The indisputable laws of marketing
  • Analysis and identification of the market and competitive advantage
    • Carry out PEST & SWOT analysis of the external and internal environment
    • Learn how to segment the total market Segmentation
    • How to target
    • How To Appear In The Market Positioning
    • Accurately choose the competitive advantage
    • How to win the market in the long run?
  • Market identification strategies
    • Familiarize yourself with the general pricing model
    • How to calculate the costs of products and services
    • Know the Seven Pricing Steps
    • The Eight Pricing Strategies
  • Designing and managing marketing campaigns
    • What are the objectives and types of marketing campaigns?
    • Identify the components of the campaign's promotional mix
    • How to design the content and message of the campaign
    • How to link advertising content to needs
    • What are the stages of managing 8M’s marketing campaign?
    • Evaluate the return on marketing campaigns
  • Brand building steps
    • Branding is meant to be built
    • What are the stages of building a brand and its components?
    • How to build brand associations
  • Marketing content
    • What is meant by marketing content?
    • What are the types of marketing content?
    • Learn about the main tools of content creation
    • Customer psychology on social media
    • Customer Decision Making Form (Online)
  • Outstanding customer service
    • What is meant by customer service and what is its role in the organization?
    • How does customer service turn from a cost to an investment?
    • What are the six pillars of building an integrated customer service system?
    • Learn about the 120 criteria for evaluating the quality of customer service by numbers!
  • The eight stages of selling
    • How is marketing useless without an effective sales system?
    • Understand the pillars of the sales system
    • What are the eight stages of achieving giant sales?
    • Establish indicators and sales management system
    • Who is the salesman you should fire immediately?
    • Who is the best salesperson to keep?
  • Writing a marketing plan step by step
    • Learn how to write a marketing plan step by step
    • How do you combine all of the above into one plan?
    • Time to write an integrated marketing plan
    • What are the components of a major marketing plan?
    • How is information collected to write the marketing plan?
    • The most important steps of writing a marketing plan (application form)

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£3200 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2560 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£1984 / Member

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