Professional Diplomain Modern Management Strategies and Practices and Creative Leadership


Management and Strategic Leadership has been born out of our experience in leading-edge management education, and one that is sensitive to the demands on managers in the 21st Century. It builds on our very successful Management programs and is centered on developing personal and professional effectiveness, enabling practicing and aspiring managers to enhance their knowledge and skills in management, leadership, and strategy.

The Strategic Management and Leadership training program aim to develop individuals to lead and manage successfully and ethically at a strategic level across a range of organizations and to formulate, implement and critically evaluate decisions. It will enable managers to develop leadership and analytical skills to support and influence strategic, tactical and operational aspects of a business, and enable practitioners to understand how the various management functions in a business integrate.

Objectives and target group

    Who should attend?

  Aimed at those wishing to further their career in management and to progress to senior management roles, this practice-based program seeks to apply theories introduced via class activity and course reading to specific work based issues and dilemmas. It is highly valued by employers and enables you to develop specialist knowledge in an area of management that is of particular interest and that will help your career progression.

      How attendees will benefit?

After completion of the program, delegates will be able to:

  • Define what management and leadership is and how it is applied at all levels of organizational management
  • Understand the basics of management, leadership and motivation
  • Determine what is necessary to lead teams and organizations, and how to integrate this with business management
  • Develop skills in communicating, influencing and negotiating with peers, subordinates and senior managers
  • Become adept at assessing leadership traits and qualities in ourselves and others
  • Learn how to develop leadership in ourselves and others
  • Appreciate the importance of organization culture and the leader’s role in establishing it
  • Understand key success factors (KSFs) for successful rollout of Management of Change in dynamic organizations.

Course Content

  • The principles of strategic management.
  • Competitive strategic management strategies.
  • Management errors.
  • Business Strategy Project
  • Business Transformation
  • Creating and Managing for Value
  • Developing Organisational Capabilities
  • Leadership Development
  • Evidence-Based Management
  • Scanning, monitoring and analysing industries and markets for signs of strategic shift
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Accounting
  • Analytics
  • Business Finance
  • Firms and Markets
  • Strategy
  • Creative leadership
  • Management Best Practices
  • Modern Management Strategies
  • Technology and Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Leadership Fundamentals
  • Leadership-Based Project
  • Fundamentals of Management and Leadership

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Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£3200 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2560 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£1984 / Member

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