Advanced systems and modern trends for office management and secretarial


The Secretariat plays an important and vital role in organizations of all sizes and activities and contributes to helping decision-makers in organizations to carry out their duties so that the organization achieves its objectives. Therefore, the officials in the organizations are keen to take care of the selection of staff in the departments of the Ministry of Finance. This is why the thinkers and writers are keen to contribute to identifying the qualities and characteristics that must be met by those who occupy the secretarial functions. They have also been keen to identify the tasks and duties of secretaries and office managers, In this program we will identify the practical and practical aspects of the tasks and duties assigned to the secretarial staff. The secretarial concept, its importance and types, the qualities of the successful secretary, how to conduct and handle telephone calls will be skillfully studied. The other units will cover the secretary's ability to organize meetings, We will also discuss the ability of the secretary to organize the director's files technically and in accordance with their nature and how to retrieve them. The importance of the role of the secretary in the correspondence of the director of the portfolio I wanted to include in the bag materials related to the writing of correspondence in accordance with the rules of form and objectivity, and will focus on the program on the modern skills and sophisticated use of technology in the work of office managers and secretaries commensurate with the requirements of the times.

Office management is defined in English as a secretariat, a group of works that provides administrative assistance within the enterprise. It is also defined as the job that seeks to provide management with all information and data that contribute to the work environment in order to save time, effort and work to alleviate the burden. The secretarial function is one of the most important administrative functions in the work environment. This function is due to the industrial wealth of Europe. The secretarial staff is responsible for keeping confidential information with excellence. Honesty and credibility in the work and the ability to read and write as a prerequisite for access to this function, with the emergence of modern technologies and electronic tools, contributed to the development of secretarial work clearly, which led to increased importance as one of the important management concepts that reduce the pressure on work especially the pressure on managers and heads of departments through cooperation and coordination of all kinds of work from the preparation of meetings and discussions and other work and to provide the required information in a timely manner, office management has become a necessity can not be abandoned in the news of the successful systems.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers and owners of government and private companies.
  • Managers of large enterprises.
  • Owners of industrial, commercial, tourism and service establishments.
  • All personnel in the field of management and implementation.
  • All who wish to build promising companies with a bright future.
  • All looking for ways and means to improve the overall climate within the company

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Secrets of success in work and improving the communication mode between the manager and employees.
  • Leadership skills and employee management within the company.
  • Skills of dealing with the psychological problems of workers and stand on their situation.
  • Ways to activate the motivation and activation of employees within the company
  • Confidence building skills between the manager and all employees

Course Content

  • The concept of Advanced Secretarial.
  • Contemporary secretarial activities in business organizations.
  • Responsibilities and duties of the secretary.
  • Qualifications and duties to be available in the secretary.
  • The importance of modern techniques in secretarial work.
  • Knowledge of electronic management and its concept.
  • Uses of electronic management in the office business.
  • Practical applications in archiving and electronic archiving.
  • The concept and nature of career development.
  • Objectives of administrative and career development.
  • Organizational website for administrative development.
  • Tasks and duties of administrative development.
  • Meaning and vision of career development.
  • Personnel specialist skills.
  • Career development and its importance in developing the work of institutions and companies.

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