Microsoft Excel Professional Course in Data Design and Analysis


Excel program offers ease in arranging data and information and designing it in a special table. Therefore, it helps workers in different fields to organize and arrange data. This course facilitates many practical difficulties.

Microsoft is one of the largest and most important leading companies in providing and servicing computers around the world through producing high-precision operating systems that conform to what features the individuals, companies and institutions need of these systems to makes it possible to include computers in the working life.

From the essential programs that Microsoft add to the operation systems is Excel VBA which is characterized by a great features and another characteristics which made doing calculations and statistics at the level of companies an easy thing and became learning and working on this program is a requirement and condition required by many companies.

Objectives and target group

To whom this course:

This course offered to those interested in the field of work on computers, administrators within government institutions and accountants as Excel program is one of the best accounting programs. In addition, anyone who has a private business or a project wants to organize his financial statements using modern methods.

Course Objectives:

  • Acquiring trainees for many skills that enable them to work on Excel and Access programs.
  • Organize data in electronic tables.
  • Teaching methods of developing electronic accounting.
  • Teaching the principles of evaluating the financial and administrative performance of the establishments.
  • Preparation of accounting and financial budgets.
  • Give the trainee a special competence to use the computer within the work and expand their horizons for practice.

Basic aspects of the course:

  • A brief description of computer programs and its applications in accounting matters.
  • The use of Access program in accounting system design.
  • Clarifying the purposes of the system.
  • Clarifying key elements and components of the system.
  • Design files for the system.
  • Create special models for data and how to enter them into the system.
  • Brief about Microsoft Excel program.
  • Brief about Microsoft Access program.
  • Specialized accounting applications.
  • Uses of Excel program.
  • Cost regulation.
  • Prepare profit in maps.
  • Use a solution wizard.
  • Create informational reports of the system.
  • Create a network linking system information using micro modules and modules.

Computer as a developer of accounting work:

  • Apply accounting work in an integrated manner.

Course Content

Practical application

  • Applications of financial operations (establishment of financial statement - analysis of information entered by computer - summary of financial operations).
  • Training on reference programs and investigating evidence.
  • Training in reviewing the items of income and expenses and reviewing them with assets and liabilities.
  • The budget chart, how to prepare it and what practical problems faces the trainee.
  • Timeline and methods of preparing current budgets.
  • Conducting feasibility studies and surveys of various investment projects.
  • Accounting for standard performance, evaluation and planning for improvement.
  • Comparison and evaluation of measurements and planning to improve the practical level.
  • Full workshop: Using the computer in the field of analysis and criticism of financial statements.
  • Training in the use of computers in areas of analysis of financial statements and its cash and prepare all financial reports in writing and presentation.
  • Make sophisticated charts and then link those tables to the company's databases.
  • Take advantage of obtaining statistical results using Microsoft Excel VBA.
  • Features and characteristics of Microsoft Excel program VBA.
  • Programming languages that depend on the built-in Microsoft Excel program VBA.

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